Academic Research Groups

STILL (Software Testing IntelLigent Lab)

STILL is a research lab located in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague dedicated to research in software testing and search based software engineering. The overall aim of the lab is to develop new tools and strategies for testing complex software systems in efficient and automated way. The lab also aims to help industrial partners for developing cost-effective and advanced testing techniques for real-world systems.

VeriFIT (Automated Analysis and Verification)

VeriFIT is a group including researchers and students from FIT BUT interested in research on methods of automated analysis and verification of systems. The interests of the group include formal analysis and verification (static analysis, abstract interpretation, model checking), dynamic analysis (i.e., analysis at run-time), intelligent testing as well as methods of self-healing of systems. The group is involved in basic research in the described areas as well as in development and evaluation of prototype verification tools.


ParaDise (Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory)

The laboratory aims at intensifying the basic and applied research in the area of parallel and distributed methods for the specification, modeling, analysis, and verification of parallel and distributed systems. The mainspring of the research is the development and application of theories which underlie mentioned system development activities. The objective is to bridge the gap between academics and industry by exploiting academically well-founded formal methods and by promoting theory formation in the academic sense on the major issues of selected industrial areas. We want to come-up with practical solutions and tooling to address the needs found in current and innovative […]


CRoCS (Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security)

Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security enables both graduate and pre-graduate students to gain practical experience with current security and crypto solutions and technologies. The main areas of interest are user and data authentication, secure usage of smartcards, security for Internet of Things, usable security. More specific areas of interest are selected with respect to current developments and in accordance with senior members’ current research focus – for an overview of current research projects/areas see this link.