AUFOVER (Automation of Formal Verification)

Sponsored by: TACR (Technology Agency of Czech Republic)
Partners: Honeywell, Brno University of Technology, Masaryk University, Brno – Honeywell as main recipient and project leader, the rest, including RH are partners.
Start date: January 2019
End date: December 2021
Responsible person for Red Hat: Kamil Dudka (

The Automation of Formal Verification (AUFOVER) project responds to the ever-growing
need for rapid and high-quality software verification that is carried out within the development
lifecycle. In the recent years, the university partners of the project have developed, on the basis
of formal mathematical methods, an innovative way of verification, which the industrial
partners (Honeywell and Red Hat) have shown interest in, in terms of its integration into their
verification processes, with the aim of automatically detecting errors that are currently being
detected only manually. This project should contribute to establishing efficient collaboration
between universities and industrial partners, who will also act as application guarantors and will
be able to reliably evaluate the expected benefits of the project findings and outputs, including
the quantification of savings achieved.

Taiga RIG Inventory project link here.