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Application-specific passwords / Multiple passwords for one user in FreeIPA

FreeIPA is an authentication and authorization server. At the moment, FreeIPA does not currently allow users to have more than one password. Aim of the thesis is to allow to use multiple passwords for single user. Motivation There are many possible use cases for multiple passwords for single user account: Several fall under a category that could be broadly defined as ‘application specific passwords’ (as Google refers to it), or possibly ‘partially trusted credentials’, or something. For instance: I have my mail server configured to use FreeIPA authentication via PAM. I have three computers, two phones and a tablet configured […]

January 29, 2020

Performance testing system for Aggregated Logging in Openshift

Abstract: This thesis aims to analyze the existing performance testing system of the Origin Aggregate Logging module deployed as part of Openshift. The analysis describes its elements, their limits, but also the environment in which the benchmarks are executed. Furthermore, an improved solution, based on the requirements of the Logging stack development team, is proposed. Finally, the system is implemented as a script that configures the Openshift environment and creates objects, such as pods, imagestreams, or configmaps that were developed as part of the thesis. Additionally, the thesis describes the results of the tests that were executed in order to […]

January 17, 2020

Vylepšení uživatelské přívětivosti Gantt komponenty v informačním systému

Abstract: This thesis aims to extend the functionality of the current Frappe Gantt library in order to improve its user-friendliness. The library allows users to display and modify Gantt charts. The first chapter briefly describes the Gantt chart itself and where it can be used. The following chapters compare alternatives and analyze the current version of the Frappe Gantt library. Furthermore, changes are proposed based on their differences. Rest of the thesis describes the implementation of those changes. The thesis also includes user feedback on the implemented changes. Student: Lukáš Volf Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on […]

Systém pro agregaci multimediálních kanálů

Abstract: The aim of this thesis was to create a multimedia channel aggregation platform with web administration user interface and an exemplary mobile app for clients. Multimedia services can be added to this platform in form of plugins. There are two plugins implemented. Web administration UI is provided to ease the use of this platform. The mobile app is using data from the aggregation platform to create content. Student: Jan Šafařík Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Research of Fedora Status for Machine Learning

Abstract: The topic of this thesis was to find out whether the Fedora distribution attracts machine learning developers and also to create a guideline content for newcomers in this new, progressively developed field. In addition, part of the thesis research was also focused on solving the SRPM packaging dependency issue by using recommendation system based on machine learning algorithm. The model has two different variations, one is using the association rule learning algorithms Apriori and FP-Growth, and the other is based on neural network embedding layers approach, which is actually a Word2Vec model implementation from library Gensim. Targeted programming language […]

Podpora map v aplikaci pro brněnskou zoo

Abstract: The objective of this work is to extend mobile application Zoo Brno, which serves as a digital companion in Zoo Brno. Extension includes integration of maps and navigation. Work provides summary of map integration possibilities into mobile applications created by React-Native. Subsequently it describes the implementation process and explains application of each component in order to provide the result functionality. Student: Richard Kyčerka Consultant: Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Robomise v mobilním prostředí

Abstract: The main goal of this bachelor thesis is analysis, user testing of an existing web application – “Robomise”, and development of a new version for the Google Android platform. This version is optimized for touchscreen devices and brings several minor improvements to the user interface based on the results of the previous user testing. Student: Miriama Zemaníková Consultant: Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Model Checking with System Call Traces

Abstract: When executing programs, DIVINE can record system call invoked by the tested program in the form of a trace. This trace can be subsequently used during model checking to replay these system calls back to the program. However, only executions that exactly correspond to the system call trace can be explored by DIVINE. In this thesis, I introduce improvements to the coverage of a program verified by DIVINE with the usage of the recorded system call traces. The first improvement is based on defining and implementing weaker condition which allows a commutation of system calls in the captured trace. […]

Decompiling Binaries into LLVM IR Using McSema and Dyninst

Abstract: There are many tools that operate on LLVM bitcode. To use these tools, LLVM bitcode or original source code are required (LLVM bitcode can be obtained from the source code by a compiler). Sometimes however, only already compiled binaries are available – there is no standard and well-defined process to obtain LLVM bitcode from a binary. McSema is a tool that translates binaries into LLVM bitcode; it makes the tools applicable on previously unavailable targets. McSema itself is open-source, although it relies on proprietary third-party libraries to provide disassembly capabilities. This is problematic, as it prevents many users from […]

GraphQL as modern access to jBPM process engine

Abstract: This thesis explains the concepts of GraphQL and open-source process engine – jBPM. An overview of GraphQL and jBPM process engine is given and the most suitable solution for integration of GraphQL with jBPM process engine is proposed and implemented. The whole development process of this solution is described and the final solution is compared with existing REST API of process engine. Student: Dominik Hanák Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Argon2 security margin for disk encryption passwords

Abstract: Passwords are a popular authentication method in the field of information technology. Passwords were created for humans to be remembered. Sometimes they are not ideal for usage in encryption software. Therefore, there exist key derivation functions, which transform a password into more suitable cryptographic key. This thesis deals with such functions, in particular considering their usage in disk encryption . The most popular function PBKDF2 is described together with its vulnerabilities and attacks. Memory-hard functions have started being used as a mitigation of time-memory trade-off attacks. One of such functions is Argon2 selected as a winner of Password Hashing […]

Modern development workflow for Fedora GNU/Linux distribution

Abstract: In this thesis, we will look at the current state of the software packaging in the current GNU/Linux distributions. Using three representatives (Debian, Arch Linux and Fedora), we will see various parts of the workflow and compare the different approaches to the same problems. The goal of the thesis is to propose a modern development workflow for Fedora GNU/Linux distribution. We will describe related tools and partial solutions, that exist for this distribution. Finally, we will discuss the proposed solution and examples of the real setup of the prototype. Student: František Lachman Consultant: Tomáš Tomeček Leader: Milan Brož University: […]

Návrh rozhraní mobilní aplikace pro zoo

Abstract: This work deals with the design of a new user interface for an existing mobile application. Another part of the work are the usability tests for the interface created. The theoretical part describes user experience, usability and usability testing – its preparation, progress and evaluation. The work describes the present application, the process of designing a new interface and all information on which it was based, individual screens of the resulting interactive prototype and testing that was done along with evaluation of the data collected. Student: Tomáš Stolárik Consultant: Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Mobilní mediální platforma pro iOS

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to design and implement open-source iOS application, which acts as a mobile media platform. It loads data from a server implemented with Firebase. The application is built in Swift and contains a Realm database. It can be modified by a configuration file and users are able to sign in by Facebook or Google account. Student: Tomáš Pecuch Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Platforma pro softwarovou podporu finančního ohodnocení

Abstract: Diploma thesis explores relationship between financial bonus and employee work ethics. The first part is about known motivational theories, employee fluctuation and shows how can manager influence work ethics of his employees. The second part contains analysis of questionnaire and personal interviews focused on influence of financial bonus on overall employee satisfaction and work ethics. The result of the thesis is a web application for managers which helps them to evaluate employees and later divide financial bonuses among their employees based on work results. Student: Michael Čada Consultant: Tomáš Sýkora Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis: […]

Mobile applications for EvMan

Abstract: EvMan is an event management software that offers a rich user interface through the web. Users that work with EvMan on mobile devices could have more convenient user experience if the interface were more platform agnostic. This thesis analyzes EvMan and its features, discuss the technologies eligible for the implementation, and eventually designs and creates a mobile application that connects to the existing system. Student: Filip Zachar Consultant: Marek Jelen Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

ManageIQ Expression Editor

Abstract: The goal of this thesis is to design and implement a new filtering tool for ManageIQ project with emphasis on user experience. The first part of the thesis describes the theoretical background. Continuing with analysis of the current filtering tool and evaluation against theo- retical concepts. In the last chapter is described design, testing, and implementation of the new filtering tool. Student: Robin Knaur Consultant: Leader: Martin Povolný University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Integrating Apiman gateway with OpenShift

Abstract: APIs are the building blocks of today’s web applications. However, developing a production ready API often poses a number of challenges such as client management, billing, metric collection, and many others. Commonly the area dealing with these tasks is referred to as API management. In this thesis, we discuss the various aspects of API management in general and introduce an open source API management tool named Apiman. The main focus of this work is the integration of Apiman into the runtime environment of OpenShift — platform as a service solution based on Kubernetes and Docker. This integration includes Docker […]

Automatic optimization of virtual machines for high performance workloads

Abstract: The goal of this thesis is to research how the performance of different types of workloads can be influenced by different QEMU configurations and, based on the results of this research, provide a UI for automatic optimization of virtual machines. Student: Filip Křepinský Consultant: Tomáš Jelínek Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Mobilní mediální platforma pro Android

Abstract: The aim of this work is to create native Android application for open-source platform for sharing own content, which can be configured so the application has its unique look. Application cooperates with Firebase Real-time Database and offer authentication via social media accounts like Google or Facebook. Part of this thesis is also overview of current solutions available for users to publish own monetized content and their ability to customize visual experience of the service. Student: Richard Hrmo Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Emailové rozhraní k informačnímu systému

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to design and develop an email interface for an information system. The application provides an interface for sending and receiving emails. Additionally, it allows to create mailboxes dynamically and to set parsing rules for different parts of an email message. By using the available tools, it provides the way of data retrieval from scanned documents sent as email attachments. Filtering of unsolicited messages is done by the given mail server. Student: Jakub Smadiš Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Měření výkonu NoSQL databáze MongoDB

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of NoSQL database MongoDB and to evaluate the performance of MongoDB integrated with Elasticsearch. Measured operations are insert, update of the single field, update of multiple fields, renumbering of the field, and read operation. Operations are performed for a variety of parallel users, different document sizes, using different hardware, for collection stored on a single node, and a sharded collection on two nodes in the cluster. The output of the thesis are the results of the measurement displayed in bar charts. Student: Martin Barnáš Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: […]

Analýza zdrojových kódu z repositářů dostupných na GitHubu

Abstract: In collaboration with Red Hat, a Java source code analysis from the public repositories available on GitHub was designed. This work includes a draft of a tool that returns the results of this analysis according to various criteria. Appropriate tools are used to find basic information about source code quality as a way of keeping indentation, existence of documentary commentaries in classes, public methods, private methods and attributes, and a way of naming public and private attributes. It also searches for known error samples or potential error states. The primary tool for this search is FindBugs. The results are […]

Implement detection of duplicate test coverage for Java applications

Abstract: The thesis aims to analyze and implement detection of duplicate tests coverage as part of the open sourcing tool for tests code coverage and to represent the results of founded duplications appropriately. The result of this work should help developers and testers to optimize their test runs. Student: Jakub Schwan Consultant: Radovan Synek Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Grafické rozhraní pro simulátor C++ programů

Abstract: The goal of the master’s thesis was to implement a graphical user interface for a simulator which has been developed as part of the DIVINE project and thus far only had a command line interface. On this basis the new interface was developed using the C++ programming language and the Qt framework. The written part of the thesis consists of an introduction to formal verification and model checking which is then used to describe the DIVINE project and the tools it consists of. Furthermore, it analyses the functionality of the existing simulator and designs an architecture for the new […]

Systém schvalování změn v konfiguraci serveru Keycloak

Abstract: The diploma thesis covers design and implementation of the Approval System for Keycloak server. The system watches for configuration-changing actions in the server, can intercept such actions and request their approval. It’s also possible to integrate this system with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite which is a platform for business process management. This thesis was written under the collaboration of Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University and Red Hat Czech s.r.o. Student: Václav Muzikář Consultant: Marek Posolda Leader: Jaroslav Bayer University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Testování uživatelského prožitku nástroje pro HA Cluster

Abstract: This thesis introduces usability testing which aims to improve user experience and usability of the testing tool for management HA Cluster. The first part of the thesis is the presentation of the methodology and the whole preparation, conduction and evaluation of usability testing. The most extensive part of the thesis is devoted to the evaluation of usability testing, which includes found problems and recommendations on how to resolve these problems. Student: Eva Vašková Consultant: Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Blockchain technology in the enterprise environment

Abstract: Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are rapidly developing technologies offering a lot of interesting ideas and features. Nevertheless, they are still not widely used in the slowly moving enterprise environments. In this thesis, we try to use capabilities of some cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general, for the enterprises. We formulated three use cases, one of them being runtime environment for business processes, for which prototype has been created. A primary advantage of such runtime environment is chance of running processes shared across multiple organizations. Student: Ondrej Mulár Consultant: Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Automatizovaná distribuce vydání software pro partnery

Abstract: Each product of Red Hat portfolio needs to go through release pipeline. Few of these products need to be pre-released to privileged customers of company, so they can join testing and improve the quality of delivered software. We describe current solution of releasing data to these customers, design, and a way to improve and to automate this process. Student: Jaroslav Fedor Consultant: Luboš Kocman Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Webová služba pro porovnání souborových archivů

Abstract: This thesis deals with the design and implementation of a web service for displaying differences between different versions of file archives. The focus is on extensibility using modules that implement comparisons of archives of various formats, and such module for displaying differences between RPM packages is part of the thesis. Student: Pavla Kratochvílová Consultant: Jan Horák Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Use of Transactions within a Reactive Microservices Environment

Abstract: Transaction processing is an inherent part of application development. However, particularly in the distributed environment, the utilization of transactions introduces several challenges that transaction management must be able to handle. Microservices represent an emerging architectural style for the modern distributed application design. These applications commonly address similar concerns to stay responsive, elastic and resilient which is why the use of traditional locking transaction commit protocols may not be acceptable. The saga pattern presents a suitable alternative solution to transaction processing that relaxes some of the ACID properties in order to promote availability. In this work, we examine how sagas […]

Metadata paměti programu v nástroji DIVINE

Abstract: The thesis focuses on the metadata storage system in DIVINE, a model checking tool. DIVINE uses metadata to track definedness of bytes and location of pointers in the verified program’s memory. The thesis presents a concept of metadata exceptions – an extension to the metadata system for storing more detailed information (bitwise definedness and pointer fragments) in a space-efficient way. Furthermore , it proposes a reimplementation of the system into an efficient and configurable structure employing a layered design. The changes have been incorporated into DIVINE. Presented benchmarks show that overhead of tracking more detailed metadata is negated by […]

A Lock-Free Implementation of Union-Find

Abstract: Implementing parallel systems is highly complex domain composed of many layers ranging from processor architecture to algorithm design. Motivation to implement such systems is to decrease needed time to complete various computations. Implementing parallel Union-Find might be useful because many parallel algorithms are based on this simple, yet powerful data structure. In this thesis we implement parallel Union-Find data structures in a Lock-Free and a Blocking manner, parallel algorithms for Strongly Connected Components graph decomposition which use Union-Find data structure. At the end of this thesis we discuss whether we were successful at implementing parallel data structures and algorithms […]

Podpora přehrávaní zvuku v aplikaci pro brněnskou zoo

Abstract: The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to extend the mobile application of Zoo Brno with the possibility to play recorded stories of each animal. The app must be able to play the records without the internet connection. In case of the missing record, it enables a user to download a package with the record. Because the app is primarily designated for Zoo Brno visitors, to prevent animals from disturbing , it only allows playing of stories with headphones plugged in or device put near the ear of a user. The result of the thesis is an extension of […]

Infrastruktura pro nasazení enterprise aplikací

Abstract: This bachelor’s thesis focuses on deploying applications in the cloud environment. It provides information on container technologies and introduces Kubernetes as the most popular orchestration tool. Additionally, it guides through the deployment of basic Java Enterprise application with databases and authorization technology. Student: Jakub Rudolf Mlynárik Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Serverová část mobilní mediální platformy

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to design and implement open-source server and content management system for mobile media platform, which consists of iOS and Android applications. The web interface is built in React, and it provides a custom-made WYSIWYG editor, implemented using the Draft.js framework. The server was implemented with Firebase, leveraging the powers of its Realtime Database, Authentication and Cloud Functions. Student: Peter Solař Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Graphical Debugger of GPIO Pins

Abstract: The main aim of this thesis is to implement a graphical debugger for single-board computers (SBC) using a library called Bulldog. The first section of this work describes hardware interfaces typically present on SBCs with the emphasis on Raspberry Pi. The main part of the thesis is dedicated to the debugger itself, including a graphical demonstration of its functionality. The result is a graphical debugger capable of communicating with devices from the Raspberry Pi family. During the implementation of the debugger, we also discover that the library itself required some major modifications. The application is based on the client-server […]

Platforma pro správu referenčního programu

Abstract: The goal of the final thesis is to create a web application that functions as a referral program platform. This work is realized in partnership with Red Hat Inc. The platform allows registration of referral programs and subsequently allows potential customers to send invitations to the target application. The platform maintains a waiting list for every program as the access to the target application is limited. The application is primarily implemented in Java Enterprise Edition, uses AngularJS for its visualization purposes and runs on WildFly application server which is developed by Red Hat Inc. at the moment. Student: Matej […]

Monitoring a vizualizace zátěže hardwarových zdrojů

Abstract: The aim of the bachelor thesis was to find and compare the available technologies for obtaining information about hardware for Java applications and the implementation of the graphical interface that visualizes hardware information through graphs and metrics of the selected quantity. Student: Samuel Korem Consultant: Pavel Tišnovský Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Forward error correction for storage applications

Abstract: Forward error correction algorithms are a vital element of many storage systems that require insurance of the reliability of data. These algorithms are based on various mathematical theories, and they are useful for different applications. They can use complex arithmetic operations like multiplication in Galois field or simple operations like XOR. All these factors contribute to the fact that the performances of these algorithms differ. Because storage is a crucial commodity of information society and the assurance of the integrity of data is essential, there is a high demand for algorithms that can ensure the data integrity aside from […]

Bitlocker Full Disk Encryption

Abstract: In the current modern world of information era, Information security plays a vital role in protecting the confidentiality of the sensitive information. The information security has a major role to play in securing the information as the attack surface and adversary capabilities have increased enormously over the years. The security of any information system can be classified as security during communication / transport, security during processing and security during storage. Even though the first two categories have been dealt with to a large extent by security researchers, the latter has been lacking the enhancement due to several issues. The […]

Optimizing authenticated encryption algorithms

Abstract: In this thesis, we look at authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD), which is a cryptographic scheme that provides both confidentiality and integrity of messages within a single operation. We look at various existing and proposed AEAD algorithms and compare them both in terms of security and performance. We take a closer look at three selected candidate families of algorithms from the CAESAR competition. Then we discuss common facilities provided by the two most common CPU architectures – x86 and ARM – that can be used to implement cryptographic algorithms efficiently. Finally, we introduce our contribution of implementing the […]

Platforma pro vývoj interaktivních výukových materiálů

Abstract: The aim of this thesis was to design and implement a platform for interactive training materials. The output cross-platform application allows downloading and executing of particular training modules containing images, sounds and JSON files describing behavior of the module. User can move in scenes made of layers. The movement emulates parallax scrolling effect. User can switch scenes, interact with objects and communicate with characters using dialogs. Student: Marek Teuchner Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Symbolic Model Checking via Program Transformations

Abstract: To show reliability of software, developers usually reach out for testing and static analysis. However, to prove correctness, all behaviours of a program need to be checked. In this respect, formal verification methods aim to provide an automated approach to verification. A big obstacle are inputs because they massively increase the number of behaviours of the program. In this thesis, we present a technique which enables verification tools to perform automated checking of programs with inputs. A generally known approach is to interpret operations with input values in an abstract way. In this case, abstraction needs to be implemented […]

Systém pro správu úkolů

Abstract: The work presents the design and the implementation of the goal tracking system for employees of RedHat. This system enables local managers to plan, track and evaluate goals of their direct reports. The first part of the thesis deals with the goal planning theory. The following section discusses the different UX principles that were used while designing and implementing the system. The third part describes the process of collecting user requirements. Based on the collected requirements the basic design of the system architecture and the basic design of the UI was created. The last part is devoted to the […]

Optimization and implementation of AF_KTLS in user-space applications

Abstract: AF_KTLS is a kernel module that introduces parts of TLS and DTLS protocols to the Linux kernel. User-space applications can transparently use AF_KTLS type socket to perform encryption and decryption of traffic. This thesis provides an analysis of the AF_KTLS module and identifies use cases where it could be used to optimize performance for user-space applications. The changes required for the optimization with AF_KTLS are then implemented and the results are benchmarked to identify bottlenecks and suggest possible solutions. Student: Ananya Chatterjee Consultant: Fridolín Pokorný Leader: Václav Matyáš University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Vylepšení systému na archivaci elektronických konferencí

Abstract: Thesis enhances the diploma thesis From mailing list archive to knowledge base (M. BRIŠKÁR, 2014), in which was created a prototype of application for archiving electronic conferences with the title Mailinglist Online, this diploma thesis is about working improvements to the original implementation. In the first chapters will be presented the original application and its deployment, the following chapters are dedicated to implementation of various problems and last chapters are dedicated to deployment of improved program. Student: Július Staššík Consultant: Matej Briškár Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Talent Acquisition Tool

Abstract: The main goal of this thesis was to develop a web application capable of querying professional social networks for new talents. The application was succesfully created according to user requirements of Talent Acquisition Team in Red Hat Brno. It was fully tested and it will be deployed in the company. The thesis was not only focused on programming skills. It was also about a communication with end users and UX team in Red Hat, which provided consultation about the UI design. I gained experience from all phases of software development process. The technologies and programming languages used for developing […]

Detection of manageable devices on network

Abstract: The main goal of this thesis is to explore how Foreman could be introduced into brownfield deployments and how this process could be made easier. It designs and implements a Foreman plugin which can detect existing machines on the network and allow their management from Foreman. Student: Adam Růžička Consultant: Marek Hulán Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Decompilation of restored in-memory class fragments in running JVM

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is the implementation of a plugin for the Thermostat instrumentation tool. The plugin is able to extract the list of names of the classes loaded in the JVM and their bytecode which is then decompiled to source code with an existing decompiler. The written part of the thesis introduces the technologies used, describes the bytecode extraction and its processing. It also describes the architecture of the plugin and the role of Thermostat in the implementation. Student: Petra Miková Consultant: Jiří Vaněk Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

PerfCake rozšíření pro vývojová prostředí

Abstract: The main goal of this thesis is to provide a PerfCake plugin for IDEs, which contains a graphical editor for PerfCake scenarios designing. This plugin improves the PerfCake user experience mainly by simplifying the scenario definition process. The first part of this thesis examines the PerfCake framework and the plugin development process for IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and Eclipse. The second part introduces the design of the solution and describes the implementation of a universal plugin, which can be integrated into the IDEs, including details about integration into IntelliJ IDEA. The resulting plugin has a universal design which allows integration […]

Monitorovací rozšíření pro platformu mikroslužeb SilverWare

Abstract: This thesis introduces the microservice architecture, its benefits and drawbacks and how it differs from the common monolithic architecture, followed by quick presentation of SilverWare microservice platform. Consequently it presents the basics of monitoring microservices and some of the most popular open-source monitoring tools, followed by my implementation of monitoring extension for SilverWare platform. Student: Jaroslav Dufek Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Monitorování a vizualizace zdrojů v prostředí OpenShift

Abstract: This diploma thesis is looking into Openshift resources usage monitoring and visualization. It’s goal was to compare existing solutions, analyze metrics and create distributed solution for Openshift resource monitoring and visualization. Student: Pavel Drobek Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Synchronizace služeb komunikujících skrze HTTP

Abstract: The aim of this work is to design and create an open-source service used as a mediator between two counterparts that would enable offline communication using HTTP protocol. Included in this work is a simple WebUI for the mediator. Student: Barbora Vaššová Consultant: Marek Hulán Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Integrace Informačního systému datových schránek s projektem Apache Camel

Abstract: The main goal of this thesis is to ease up electronic communication with czech government. First part of this thesis covers current state of public services known as eGovernment. The second part consists of design and implementation of Camel component for czech government system Informační systém datových schránek. Thesis is written with focus on appropriate development processes designed to ease up project maintenance and accessibility to community. As a result of this thesis there is a platform for future projects like this and Came component released in central Maven repository. Student: Josef Ludvíček Consultant: Jiří Pechanec Leader: Marek Grác […]

OpenStack integration with Apache Camel project

Abstract: The purpose of this master’s thesis is to design and develop new Camel component by integrating two open-source project Apache Camel and OpenStack. This new component will act as OpenStack service provider in the Camel integration framework. Student: Jan Bouška Consultant: Jiří Pechanec Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Tvorba vyhledávacích dotazů pro LinkedIn

Abstract: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a web application to facilitate the use of LinkedIn by Red Hat staff. This system will provide features to create, search, delete, and edit logical expressions that will be used to filter users profiles. The first part of bachelor thesis is evaluation of existing products and their shortcomings. The implementation of the system and the associated problems are discussed in the second part. Student: Ondrej Ponteš Consultant: Štefan Bunčiak Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

The Effects of Age on File System Performance

Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to research effects of age on file system performance. For the testing purpose, two automated tests were implemented, which use open source benchmarks fs-drift and FIO to simulate aging and to measure performance. Research was aimed at effects of aging on popular Linux file systems XFS and ext4. Further research examined effects of underlying storage technology on performance of aged file systems. Implemented file system aging test was used to expand testing matrix of Red Hat Kernel Performance team. Student: Samuel Petrovič Consultant: Matúš Kocka Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on […]

Hra Pinball s využitím knihovny Box2D

Abstract: In this bachelor thesis I deal with the physics engine Box2D and its port into Java, JBox2D. My goal is to study features of JBox2D library and then use them to create a simulation of a Pinball machine. Student: David Kratochvíl Consultant: Pavel Tišnovský Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Adding external authentication support to a web project

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to extend Drupal such that it will support optional external authentication, in particular using mod_auth_gssapi and mod_intercept_form_submit, as well as retrieving additional information about the user from an external identity provider using mod_lookup_identity. Moreover, this functionality will be implemented on the basis of an established mechanism of passing the authentication results to web applications, so there is a viable possibility that it will be usable by multiple external authentication mechanisms. The thesis also provides a description and explanation of the related issues, relevant technologies and their use and configuration, Drupal, as well as […]

Linux dm-crypt šifrování disku v prostředí Windows

Abstract: This thesis deals with symetric block cipher encryption of disc image at sector level. Examines possibilities of using open source multiplatform encryption libraries in Windows enviroment. It also describes the algorithms by which the encryption can be implemented. Simple application shows that it is possible to implement disc image encryption using OpenSSL library in operating system Windows so that disc image can be readable in operating system Linux. Consecutive Total Commander demo plugin also shows this functionality. Student: Mário Majernik Consultant: Leader: Milan Brož University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Web SDR receiver

Abstract: The goal of this thesis is to create a client-server application allowing users to listen to radio transmission using a web interface. The application shall read radio signal data from a tuner connected to the server, demodulate the signal on the server side and stream it to connected clients. The created software shall allow different users to listen to different radio channels independently without affecting each other, while allowing a privileged user to change the tuner parameters using the web interface. The application will be implemented using the GNU Radio framework and will support tuners RTL-SDR. This thesis also […]

Building docker images without accessing /build API endpoint

Abstract: Docker is nowadays a most popular containerization platform. Its quick development causes frequent API changes and the provided tools often not satisfy the need of all users. The common method for creating container images for this platform is to use a docker builder, which has some missing features, that the company behind is not going to implement. This component does not allow defining secrets , that will not be present in the final image. Docker builder also cannot influence the layering of the resulting image. To solve these problems as well as the lack of better metadata handling is […]

User interface design for certificate operations with Network Security Services

Abstract: The theoretical part of the Master thesis describes basic information about the key management and cryptographic libraries NSS (Network Security Services), GnuTLS, and OpenSSL. The practical part describes the design and the process of the experiment for the use of the NSS, GnuTLS and OpenSSL systems for management of cryptographic keys and public key certificates. In collaboration with the tutor and the consultant, we prepared individual tasks for the students of PA193 Secure Coding Principles and Practices of FI MU. Based on the results of this experiment the usability of the various systems was compared and specific improvements were […]

Podpora clusteringu pro CDI komponenty na platformě SilverWare

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to implement service discovery and remote calls between CDI components in the microservice platform SilverWare. These capabilities are implemented utilizing JGroups messaging framework, which supports all modern cloud platforms. Versioning of microservices is another enhancement for service discovery introduced as a part of this thesis. The versioning allows running multiple instances of microservice with the different versions in the same cluster. Injection points can limit microservices that can be injected by specifying version queries. The last improvement for the SilverWare platform is an implementation of different load balancing strategies for remote invocations of […]

Monitorování aktivity služeb v platformě SilverWare

Abstract: The thesis addresses a topic of microservice monitoring in the SilverWare platform. The Microservice architectural pattern is a very recent concept. Therefore I pay considerable attention to the history and the motivation leading towards the microservices architecture. The theoretical part of the thesis covers the history of the software architecture, the Monolithic architecture pattern, the current state of microservices architecture and its future. The second half of the thesis focuses on an actual implementation of microservice monitoring for the SilverWare microservice platform. The practical part of the thesis covers a topic of monitoring with a few examples of third-party […]

Fault Tolerance in Microservices

Abstract: This thesis explains the concepts of microservice architectures as well as fault tolerance mechanisms. An overview of the most popular frameworks and libraries used in these areas is given and the most suitable solution for the integration of fault tolerance mechanisms into SilverWare microservice platform is proposed. The whole development process is described, including analysis, design, implementation, and testing of a new SilverWare module. Student: Tomáš Livora Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Static Analyser for BeakerLib Tests

Abstract: The aim of this thesis, realized in cooperation with Red Hat, is to design and implement a linter-like tool for BeakerLib-specific mistakes in tests which make use of the BeakerLib library. The tool builds upon code developed within the bkrdoc project. Initially, it was necessary to determine and categorize the possible coding mistakes. As the commands are well-defined, a lot of erroneous use can be detected without the need of actual execution of the tests using static analysis and can thus reduce the cost and time spent on testing. The resulting tool has subsequently been evaluated on both tests […]

Výkonnostní testy knihovny Java2D

Abstract: Master thesis deals with Java2D library performance, in which are analyzed their components within different JVM (Java Virtual Machines). This thesis discusses three different implementations of JVM – OpenJDK, OracleJDK and IBM Java. Analyzed are also various tools for testing Java applications performance, e.g. SPECjbb2015, SPECjvm2008 and aims to J2D benchmark. The first chapter is mainly oriented on Java2D library and the second part of this thesis analyses various characteristics of JVM, wherein for this part was developed an application for real-time testing Java2D library. Student: Juraj Šušota Consultant: Pavel Tišnovský Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on […]

Mobilní aplikace Health and fitness

Abstract: The objective of this work is to design and create the multiplatform application which logs meals and exercises. The application is developed by web technologies. The application works offline in the internet browsers and it works as a native application on popular platforms iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Student: Matej Králik Consultant: Martin Stránský Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Extending the user interface of irqbalance

Abstract: In this theses, we focus on description of hardware interrupts and their distribution and balancing on Linux machines done by irqbalance daemon. irqbalance does not allow changes to distribution settings during runtime, and we would like to change the situation. We make a thorough analysis of how the aforementioned daemon works and develop a usable, user-friendly interface for communication with it . The user interface allows users to take a look at the current distribution status and make changes to the settings. Student: Veronika Kabátová Consultant: Petr Holášek Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Editor scén pro Box2D

Abstract: The bachelor’s thesis “Scene editor for Box2D physics simulator engine” is about the physics simulator engine Box2D. The first part is theoretical and concerns the Box2D project itself on theoretical grounds, with explanation about its possibilities and functioning. The practical part contains description of the created scene editor and how its key parts are implemented. Student: Jakub Matuška Consultant: Pavel Tišnovský Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Case Management Task Assignment Using OptaPlanner

Abstract: The aim of the thesis is to analyse, design and implement a module for automated task assignment by integrating jBPM engine and OptaPlanner. The thesis describes case management, its difference from business process management and their notations. After that, jBPM engine together with OptaPlanner are explained. In the second half of the thesis, the actual implementation and prototype application are presented, including the performance tests in different OptaPlanner configurations and scenarios. Student: Marián Macik Consultant: Ivo Bek Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Operating system boot from fully encrypted device

Abstract: The goal of this work is description of existing solutions for booting Linux and Windows from fully encrypted devices with Secure Boot. Before that, though, early bootprocess and bootloaders are described. A simple Linux distribution is then setup to boot from a fully encrypted device. And lastly, existing Windows encryption solutions are described. Student: Daniel Chromik Consultant: Leader: Milan Brož University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Document Oriented REST

Abstract: In this work we focus on application interfaces with REST characteristics. We asses current practical limitations of RESTful approach and describe a general purpose service that aims to mitigate those shortcomings. This is achieved by providing schema-agnostic aggregation and push notifications that can be consumed across all major platforms. We further demonstrate usage of this service in conjunction with our previous work moVirt and the oVirt Virtualization Manager, and the performance gains achieved. Student: Martin Beták Consultant: Tomáš Jelínek Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Vyhledávání událostí pro Firefox OS

Abstract: Diploma thesis contains the creation and implementation of the application for Firefox OS. Created application can search for music events and artists according to various parameters. Earch event can show the list of performers with details. Map is attached to the place of event along with address etc. Modular attachment of API of various web services is available for the application. Text of thesis contains analysis of competitive applications, used technologies, solution and possible enhancements. Student: Michal Zbranek Consultant: Martin Stránský Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Správa dávkových procesů pro WildFly 10

Abstract: This Master Thesis concerns with the issue of batch processing on Java platform and implements a web application for managing such batch jobs on WildFly 10 application server as a console plugin. Student: Jiří Železný Consultant: Jiří Pechanec Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

JGroups Configurator and Visualiser

Abstract: JGroups is a messaging toolkit for reliable multicast communication. The diploma thesis analyzes possibilities of convenient configuration and visualization of JGroups clusters and describes creating a configurator and visual probe tool with ability to retrieve or change current configuration, state and statistics of running cluster in a graphical user interface. Student: Michal Sorentíny Consultant: Radim Vansa Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Predikce událostí v metrických datech za pomoci analýzy časových řad

Abstract: The goal of the master’s thesis is to develop a module for an open source monitoring and management platform Hawkular. The module should provide real time predictive capabilities for collected time series data. Proposed solution should be computationally efficient and more importantly, it should autonomously select the best time series model for given metric. In other words it should work without analyst ’s interaction. The master’s thesis starts with time series theory and analysis of various approaches for time series forecasting. It discusses which models are best for Hawkular requirements. The implementation chapter focuses on the most important parts […]

Enhanced remote execution layer for Deployment testing framework

Abstract: This thesis solves slow remote execution in an internal framework of Red Hat. This framework is used for remote test execution and deployment. My solution provides a new remote execution layer which will be used by the framework. My module also provides clean design allowing a possible new incorporation of unknown implementation of the SSHv2 protocol. Its implementation is not dependant on the framework , therefore it can be used in other frameworks too. My solution provides up 70 percent speed-up per one test. It is also providing simpler and more powerful API. Student: Matej Leško Consultant: Zdeněk Kraus […]

Heuristika pro výchozí nastavení správce paměti Shenandoah

Abstract: This thesis deals with the new garbage collector Shenondoah for Java Virtual Machine. The first part introduces the main concepts of this specific garbage collector which is followed by comparation with already existing garbage collectors. In the second part of the thesis, as the possibilities of settings are explored, the selected parameters are submitted to be tested on multiple hardware configurations using standard test tools SPECjvm and SPECjbb. Test results are interpreted in order to recommend appropriate settings for similar configurations. Student: Jan Blizňák Consultant: Pavel Tišnovský Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Business Process Wizard

Abstract: The thesis analyzes existing business process modeling tools and tries to create an alternative way that will bring the business process modeling closer to non-technical users. This alternative way is implemented as a software wizard. The thesis chronologically describes the decision for the wizard, the design of the wizard and the practical use of the wizard. Student: Josef Marko Consultant: Ivo Bek Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Vizualizace rozdělování disků

Abstract: The thesis describes the development process of a tool for visualization of data from Blivet library, a tool for block device administration. This library can be used on linux distributions that originate from Red Hat enterprise Linux distribution. My thesis focuses on the visualization of data that the library uses. Student: Václav Hodina Consultant: Vratislav Podzimek Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Uživatelské rozhraní aplikace pro šifrování disku

Abstract: The goal of this thesis is a design of user interface for storage encryption application. A questionnaire that helps to understand the users is a part of thesis. User roles and a specification of functionality of storage encryption application follow. Next comes an analysis of existing applications for storage encryption, namely TrueCrypt, BitLocker, zuluCrypt and LibreCrypt. The main contribution of this thesis are a set of recommendations on how to create a new user interface and a proposal of screens of a new application. Student: Agáta Dařbujanová Consultant: Leader: Milan Brož University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Extrakce multimediálních dat pro úložiště ModeShape

Abstract: The repository management system ModeShape allows the extraction of structured metadata from multimedia formats by analyzing their content. The thesis documents this feature and extends the file format support with multimedia formats. For each format, the set of relevant metadata is defined and sequencer for their extraction is implemented. The thesis also demonstrates one of the sequencers in web content management system Magnolia CMS. Student: Robert Šiška Consultant: Jiří Pechanec Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Aplikace pro pomoc při učení pro Firefox OS

Abstract: The aim of this work is to design and implement an application to help with learning. The application is developed for the operating system Firefox OS. Implementation is carried out using HTML, JavaScript, library JQuery and framework AngularJS. Student: Petr Domkař Consultant: Martin Stránský Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Nástroj pro zobrazení rozdílu dvou Linux kontejnerů

Abstract: This bachelor thesis describes Linux containers and their implementation in Linux system. It also describes Docker platform, its principles and how to use it. There is a description of Docker image and tools to manipulate with it. In practical part the implementation of containerdiff tool is explained. This tool is used to show changes among two docker images. Student: Marek Skalický Consultant: Jan Horák Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Serializace datových struktur konfigurace datových úložišť

Abstract: Blivet-XML-Tools is a tool allowing serialization and deserialization of information related to block devices. The purpose of this implementation is to create a tool for Blivet to make bug fixing easier. Student: Karel Válek Consultant: Vratislav Podzimek Leader: Marek Grác University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Generátory náhodných čísel v multiplatformním prostředí

Abstract: There are multiple alternatives for digital random number generation. Firstly, I explore and explain the differences between the types of RNGs, as well as their use in modern Windows and Linux operating systems and their working principles. I propose a wrapper, compatible with both OSes, in two versions: a kernel-mode version and a user-mode version, the latter providing the equivalent of /dev/urandom on both platforms. I use the Dieharder utility to test the randomness of the output data. Also, I measure the respective throughput of the RNGs used. Student: Matej Harčár Consultant: Leader: Milan Brož University: FI MU Link […]

Operační systém Qubes

Abstract: The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the possibilities of virtualization technologies in the field of operating system security and to measure the performance and usability impact of employing virtualization instead of the traditional security mechanisms to justify the need for a novel approach. Current security mechanisms in contemporary operating systems are examined, with an emphasis on the containerization approach represented by Docker, and Mandatory access control (MAC) represented by Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). The Qubes OS has been analyzed as an example of security based on virtualization. The experimental part of this thesis consist of two different components. […]

Analýza požadavků aplikace na profil JVM

Abstract: Increasing numbers and decreasing size of small computing devices call for adjustment of existing software to running on such devices. As a step towards reaching this goal, the Java SE Platform 8 introduced the concept of compact profiles. Compact profiles are proper subsets of the platform that have smaller memory footprint and are capable of running on small devices. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create an application that allows to decide on compact profile requirements of a given JAR archive, including all its transitive dependencies. The application should have a separate module for dependency resolution and […]

Poskytovatelé zasílání zpráv pro platformu mikroslužeb SilverWare

Abstract: This thesis concentrates on the integration of two messaging providers into SilverWare microservices — Vert.x and Apache ActiveMQ Artemis. It provides the explanation of the microservice architecture, comparison of three different microservice implementations and the description of integrated components. The practical part summarizes the design and the implementation of both messaging providers which is available as an open-source contribution to the SilverWare project. Student: Martin Štefanko Consultant: Leader: Martin Večeřa University: FI MU Link on thesis:

Mobile application for

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to develop a mobile application using a hybrid development framework. The application will serve as a client for the Optical Music Recognition service provided by The thesis describes the development of the application using the Ionic framework. Student: Maroš Šeleng Consultant: Štefan Bunčiak Leader: Adam Rambousek University: FI MU Link on thesis:

An automated testing of smartcards in OpenSC project

Abstract: The thesis investigates the common use of smart cards in the Fedora distribution of the operating system Linux, in order to create a unit testing application for OpenSC project. At first, the smart card usage data are collected and analysed, in order to prepare a set of tests for selected PKCS#11 drivers. Subsequently, the unit testing application for OpenSC project is developed. The objective of the application is to execute a test suite against selected PKCS#11 drivers. The selected drivers for testing are the PIV driver and the smart card driver for Cryptoflex card. Student: Martin Strhársky Consultant: Nikos […]

Infrastructure for Testing and Deployment in the Field of Containers

Abstract: Efficiency loss caused by repetitive manual tasks is a common problem throughout the IT sector. Developers often test, build, and deploy their software manually. That is not only time-consuming, but also dull and prone to errors and mistakes. This thesis tries to solve that in the context of one DevOps team, by unifying the development and testing tools, and by applying the principles of continuous integration and continuous deployment in the production environment. It is focused on Python, Jenkins, and container-based software and workflows. The main tools used in the thesis are GitLab CI, OpenShift and Tox. Thanks to […]

Použití statické analýzy pro detekci chyb v obsluze signálů

Abstract: This work is about the plugin csigsafe for the GCC compiler. It uses static code analysis to detect bugs in signal handlers according the POSIX norm. This tool analyzes the source files written in C and C ++. This analyzer is created for the Red Hat, which uses it to test sRPM packages used in their Linux distributions. The tool has been tested on a sample of 37 Open Source projects. Testing has shown the utility of the tool to search for errors associated with violation of rules for proper signal handling. Student: Kozovský Daniel Consultant: Dudka Kamil Leader: […]

Performance Testing of Linux Kernel Scheduler

Abstract: Performance of process scheduler in a kernel of an operating system significantly influences throughput and latency of all applications running above it. Any performance drop can have critical consequences on the applications. With the arrival of every new technology (e.g. symetric multiprocesing) the code of the scheduler evolves and grows. This requires not only functional, but also performance regression testing. This work presents methods of performance testing used in the Red Hat, Inc. company. It describes how one can measure performance of the Linux process scheduler in the Linux kernel, collect statistics about its behavior, store the collected data, […]

Source Code Metrics for Quality in Java

Abstract: In order to control and improve code quality there needs to be a system in place consistingof quantitative metrics and their analysis. With software quality metrics that best representhow well source code is written, source code can be evaluated. Based on this evaluation,code may meet or not meet the criteria set, which may be used for many purposes.The current research shows program developed based on identified code qualities andrelated metrics, methods used in creating the program, and test results based on opensourceprojects. Student: Sherstobitov Vladyslav Consultant: Tišnovský Pavel Leader: Křivka Zbyněk University: FIT VUT Link on thesis:

Vliv kopírování kódu na kvalitu softwarového projektu

Abstract: This work delves into the field of code clone detection, focusing on Python programming language. We are interested in finding Stack Overflow snippets in real projects. The main goal of this work is to evaluate the influence of copy-and-paste programming on the overall quality of a software project. The NiCad clone detector is used to detect similar code fragments. Additionally, modification of this tool is presented in order to improve the detection process. Code quality is assessed by the volume of duplicate code and by the number of reported issues. The impact is evaluated on a sample of open-source […]

Nástěnka pro grafické zobrazování firemních statistik

Abstract: What is measured can be improved. That’s why Red Hat and the PnT DevOps team are calling for a graphical visualization of metrics and key performance identifiers (KPIs) that will be available to customers, engineers, and stakeholders to review the progress of the PnT DevOps team. Student: Bortlová Pavlína Consultant: Leader: Kreslíková Jitka University: FIT VUT Link on thesis: