Next generation of Fedora MediaWriter

Fedora MediaWriter is a tool that helps users put Fedora images on their USB devices. It is currently based on Qt 5 and supported on Linux, MacOS and Windows, using an unified design (Adwaita theme from Fedora workstation) across all platforms. The idea of this project is to rewrite the GUI of Fedora MediaWriter from scratch with use of Qt 6 and native styles available for MacOS and Windows platforms, while keeping and refreshing the current Adwaita theme for Linux. Second part of this project, depending on the complexity of the new GUI, is to improve major weaknesses of Fedora MediaWriter, such as reliability of Windows writing support or missing support for persistent storage.

The student who picks this project will learn how to work on an open-source project with thousands of users, will collaborate with designers and learn how to develop software on all major desktop platforms.

Prerequsities: C++, Qt, QML