Innovation Scorecard: Controlling framework for innovation projects in IT

The Brno University of Technology (BUT) and Red Hat have concluded a project-definition workshop and launched the initiative. The first sub-project, Atomic Host, an automation container build process, has been completed. The second project, Continuous Integration, started in August 2019. Articles will appear in early 2020 in the Czech CAFINews journal and the Association for Project Management (APM) in the United Kingdom. Innovation Scorecard is a conceptual performance measurement and management control framework specifically designed for work activities that relate to innovation. Its origin lies in the outcomes of a primary research project that was supported by the Czech Scientific Foundation during 2013-2015. This project’s objective was to ascertain whether organizations in the Czech Republic measure the efficiency of their innovations and what metrics they applied to measure these. Results confirmed that organizations that constantly managed innovation were engaged in identifying performance measurements to determine the level of value and benefits associated with innovation. When applied appropriately and in accordance with existing company strategy, marketing drives and HR/corporate policies, processes and procedures, innovation metrics provide managers and employees with opportunities to plan, organize, monitor and control all innovation activities for the benefit of the organization they work for.


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