Forward error correction for storage applications

Forward error correction algorithms are a vital element of many storage systems that require insurance of the reliability of data. These algorithms are based on various mathematical theories, and they are useful for different applications. They can use complex arithmetic operations like multiplication in Galois field or simple operations like XOR. All these factors contribute to the fact that the performances of these algorithms differ. Because storage is a crucial commodity of information society and the assurance of the integrity of data is essential, there is a high demand for algorithms that can ensure the data integrity aside from mirroring, which is not space-optimal. This demand is a reason why many open-source libraries emerged from different sources and backgrounds. In this work, we describe the basics on which these algorithms stand. We choose the most used codes in applications to explain the current situation of the theory. Then, we analyze the performance of these codes implemented by several libraries. Finally, we present our results of performance and discuss them along with other properties of these codes.


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

spring 2018



Milan Brož


Michal Virgovič