Performance Testing and Analysis of Qpid Dispatch Router

Application performance testing has recently become more important during the application development of all kinds. This paper maps the fundamentals of performance testing that are commonly used and it analyzes performance testing of components used in Messaging systems, especially Apache ActiveMQ Artemis and Qpid-Dispatch. However, currently used methods for performance testing of these components are primarily focused only on Apache ActiveMQ Artemis by system Messaging Performance Tool called Maestro. This paper proposes improvements of Messaging Performance Tool to allow proper performance testing of Qpid-Dispatch and its capabilities in automatic testing. The solution is demonstrated on series of experiments with different topologies. The final report evaluates the proposed application, the performance of Qpid-Dispatch component and develops ideas for future works.


Faculty of Information Technology

Date of Completion




Fiedor Tomáš


Kraus Zdeněk


Stejskal Jakub