Performance Testing Automation of Apache Qpid Messaging Libraries

Event-driven architecture has proven to be an effective way of designing software systems composed of loosely coupled software components. These designs are often implemented using message-oriented middleware, which puts messaging into a fundamental role and places great demands on reliability and performance of the messaging solution being used. This thesis focuses on messaging libraries developed under the Apache Qpid Proton project, and proposes a method for an automated measurement of their performance in peer-to-peer mode using an open-source tool called Quiver. The proposed performance measurement method has been implemented in the form of a Jenkins pipeline and is suitable for inclusion in a continuous delivery pipeline of a corporate software development process, serving as a performance regression test. …více méně


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

autumn 2020



Martin Večeřa


Zdeněk Kraus


Jiří Daněk