Remote Deployment of InfiSpector

The InfiSpector is an application that provides graphical representation of JGroups communication happening between nodes in an Infinispan cluster. We want to separate InfiSpector application from its infrastructure and let users spend time by focusing on using InfiSpector, making conclusions from data provided by InfiSpector, not setting up its working infrastructure. In order to make use and access to InfiSpector easier and quicker, we want to deploy InfiSpector to a cloud service. Cloud service is Internet-based computing that allows users to share computing resources (e.g. servers, storage, applications and services) and data through the Internet. Cloud is also easy to access. As a cloud service was chosen Openshift. Openshift has many tools for easy development, quick deployment, and many tools for running an application. It also allows to have a free user account for everybody.newline There is also description of how to configure back-end of the InfiSpector in this thesis. Next step is Openshift description, including its overview and configuration files necessary for InfiSpector deployment, development, and running.


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