Tool for Effective Management of Web Application Tests

The goal of this thesis is to create a tool that allows testers to see the progress of the test they are currently developing on the fly. Hence, to eliminate an issue of constantly re-running tests which take a long time to execute.The problem was solved by creating a program which modifies the test suite logic by using Java Instrumentation, enabling it to run test steps as the user needs and designing GUI that is able to communicate with previously mentioned modified test suite.As a result the process of creating tests was significantly sped up (testers were able to create a test with an unknown test suite in terms of minutes), all users that participated in testing were fond of this approach and would adapt to this workflow.The primary result is pinpointing that things can be handled more efficiently, with proper tools testers can significantly speed up their workflow and also make the introduction process for newcomers easier.


Faculty of Information Technology

Date of Completion

spring 2019



Beran Vítězslav


Tomáš Sýkora


Muzikář Martin