Business Process Wizard

Business process wizard is an attempt to create an alternative way to traditional business process modeling in BPMN2 specification. The goal is to create a tool which would easily enable business (non-technical) users to create simple but comprehensive business processes without any technical details.

  • Get familiar with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, the practices in business process modeling and BPMN2 specification.
  • Analyze the existing alternative tools for business process modeling.
  • Business Process Wizard should offer services to use in the designed process without any technical details → study APIMan and possible integration with it.
  • Design user interface for practical use of the wizard mainly aimed on business (non-technical) users.
  • Study GWT, the toolkit, in which the wizard should be implemented.
  • Pick at least 3 scenarios introducing the wizard’s capabilities and showing the advantages.
  • Compare the effectiveness and efficiency between the business process wizard and traditional BPMN2 designer.
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Ivo Bek

Location: Brno