Case Management Task Assignment Using OptaPlanner

Case Management is unique coordination of work (case) in specific context (e.g. health care, law, etc.) where the flow can be unknown and participants act in various roles. Assignments of tasks within cases can be tough and with increasing options we quickly get to a point where no human being is able to solve planning the assignments. Using OptaPlanner as a tool for business resource planning, tasks will be assigned based on predefined rules and priorities. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to implement a module for automated task assignment using resource planning tool, OptaPlanner.

  • Study Resource Management and Case Management including CMMN and BPMN notations.
  • Get familiar with jBPM engine implementing case management functions
  • Dive into OptaPlanner business resource planning tool and describe in the work how OptaPlanner can be used for automated task assignment and what are the other options if any.
  • Compare and analyze other alternative projects supporting Case Management.
  • Analyze, design and implement the resource management module inside jBPMengine using OptaPlanner.
  • Design a prototype visualizing the task assignment to easily see the differences among various heuristics and strategies.
  • Analyze performance results of automated task assignment in different scenarios and list the advantages and disadvantages.
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Ivo Bek

Location: Brno