Continuous Integration and Automated Code Review in Open Source Projects

Ensuring code quality and enforcing coding standards and styling are essential aspects of the developer experience in any open source project. Having automated feedback for any proposed code change helps both the developer and the maintainers produce quality code. The goal of this thesis is to analyze this workflow in the ManageIQ project, compare it with workflows used in other popular open source projects, and, based on the results, enhance the developer experience in the said project.


  • Study the theoretical background behind continuous integration and automated code review
  • Conduct research on the solutions used in popular open source projects
  • Analyze the implementation of the “code review bot” used in ManageIQ
  • Based on this research, propose enhancements to the implementation
  • Implement some of the enhancements after a discussion with the project’s maintainers
  • Evaluate the enhanced developer experience achieved by these enhancements


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Dávid Halász

Location: Brno