Continuous Integration System for TLS/SSL Libraries Interoperability

  1. Study design and implementations of SSL/TLS protocol (focus on
    OpenSSL, NSS and GNUTLS) and current state of the art of its
    interoperability and integration testing. Get familiar with existing
    tools and solutions for implementing public projects with continuous
    integration features.
  2. Design a system for publicly sharing integration and
    interoperability SSL/TLS tests that is able to execute the test suite
    and expose testing results to public before incorporating particular
    commit and pull request in both the test suite and upstream
    implementation of SSL/TLS library. This system should support tests
    written in BeakerLib [1]. Design a test suite for testing
    interoperability and integration of SSL/TLS libraries, get familiar with existing Red Hat
    tests and identify coverage gaps.
  3. Implement the system. Import existing test suite. Implement new
    tests for areas that are not covered.
  4. Evaluate the quality of the system. Demonstrate the robustness of
    the test suite by introducing artificial errors inspired by real
    issues from the past. Report found defects in upstream issue tracking
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Stanislav Židek

Location: Brno