Docker image(s) for PerfRepo

The main goal of the topic is to define and create Docker image(s) for instances of a performance repository called PerfRepo.

Performance result repository (PerfRepo) is a web application tool that intends to make it easy to capture and archive performance test results and simplify comparison of performance run results and detect a performance regression from one build to the next in an automated fashion.

The PerfRepo repository would be deployed on the WildFly 10 application server as a web application and would use the latest PostgreSQL database for it’s dataources (v9.5.3 at the time of writing this).

At least two Docker images needs to be crated. First, for the supporting PostgreSQL database server and the second, for the actuall WildFly instance with deployed PerfRepo web application.

The images definition will be organized as an open-source project on github under repository.

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Pavel Macik

Location: Brno