Graphical Debugger of GPIO Pins


When developing software solutions, it is beneficial to have an unified debugging tool, especially on ARM-based/embedded devices. To provide users with comprehensive development experience, needs to include user-friendly way of debugging IoT applications.


The main goal is to develop a library which can analyse activity on GPIO pins, and reuse it in a desktop application that might be used as a graphical debugger of GPIO Pins. Debugger needs to be able to set pin values to exact value (0,1).


  • Develop a desktop application (e.g. Java Swing) that will graphically display activity on device gpio pins and be able to set specific value to the pins.
  • Provide an embeddable Java library containing all the required functionalities.
  • Support at least CubieBoard, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack (with Debian based OS).
  • Source code needs to be deployed to GitHub, and progress reported to corresponding issue.

Recommended Reading

  • NORRIS, Donald. Raspberry Pi projects for the evil genius. xiii, 208 pages . Evil genius series. ISBN 9780071821582.
  • The GPIO utility | Wiring Pi. Available online.
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Pavel Macik

Location: Brno