Performance optimization of testing automation framework based on Beakerlib

BeakerLib is a shell-level integration testing library, providing convenience functions which simplify writing, running and analysis of integration and black box tests. Tests written with Beakerlib can be run directly from Bash command line or as a part of wider work flow using one of available harnesses. These include Beah harness usable with Beaker machine provisioner and Restraint harness usable both with and without Beaker.

Goal of this work is to carry out performance analysis of Beakerlib library alone and in conjunction with either Beah or Restraint (or both) harness and propose, implement and measure performance optimizations in these use cases.

All three projects —Beakerlib, Beah and Restraint — are open source software and student is supposed to offer his enhancements back into these communities.


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David Kutálek

Location: Brno