Special Data View for a High Productivity Information System

The types of views of data people tend to use are very useful but also limited in number. We believe that all of them could be implemented in a single system to provide users the most flexibility while keeping all their data in a single location.

Analyze what options and data visualisation techniques could be used to show data records in a:

  • calendar
  • map
  • agile board
  • mind map
  • wiki with links to query results

Try to use visualisation techniques common for the given area. I.e. visual attributes for displaying data in a map.
User must have the flexibility to select a set of records/documents to be displayed and configure which attributes of the documents map to what configuration property. There will be attributes to determine time boundaries and length, geo-location, agile board column or row, links to other documents, color/shape/rotation/size and other visual attributes of the document item in the visualisation, etc.
Demonstrate the proposed design by implementing a sample application leveraging open-source platform Lumeer.
It should be possible to integrate the resulting application into Lumeer later. This requires the backend to be based on Lumeer backed or to use some REST mock service. The frontend should be developed in Angular 2.0/4.

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Martin Večeřa

Location: Brno