Web Service for Generic Archive Comparison

During software development and maintenance, engineers need to include bug fixes and implement new features in programs, while not changing anything what was not planned. During new version verification, a developer needs to be able to effectively evaluate changes made to the program from consumer point of view.
Goal of this project is to implement web service, which will display differences between objects of specified type (RPM packages, Docker containers, etc.) and that will allow to simplify and possibly automate verification, that is often being done manually now.

– Study RPM packaging format for software distribution on operating system Linux, how RPM repositories work and which tools exist for work with binary RPMs
– Find existing tools for displaying difference between two version of the same RPM
– Design and implement proof-of-concept of a web service in Python, which will compare two RPMs from specified repository based on user’s input
– The solution must be extensible by modules, because even if primary focus will be on RPMs, int the future the service should work with Docker Containers and possibly other kind of archives
– Modul for comparing RPMs will be part of the solution

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Jan Horák