High School Internships

The internship program is aimed for motivated students with passion for IT and open-source who are willing to commute to our office in Brno where they meet and work with our engineers.

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CNV Network Internship

What can you learn during the internship? Contribute to Kubernetes networking applications. Learn the ropes of open-source development, cloud technologies, Go lang and computer networks. Which programming language should you know? (at least basics) Go What else should you know? Nothing Are you interested? 1. Apply for the position on our job portal. 2. Fill in the questionnaire.

April 24, 2019

Long-term InternshipShort-term Internship

Security Compliance internship

The Security Compliance team manages the security content and security scanners, that help system administrators to set up systems in a secure way. The scanner consumes machine-readable content, and humans need to translate existing regulations s.a. laws to that form, so they can use scanners to scan systems in an automated way. The ComplianceAsCode project aims to provide non-technical users with easy, human-readable input, while compiling it to those complex formats. The project contains over 1000 individual rules describing how a system may be configured, and it is becoming difficult to orient among them. Therefore, this project aims to provide […]

March 22, 2019

Contributing to Open Source Software (OSS) without code

What can you learn during the internship? Improve look ‘n’ feel : UX/UI Design, graphics (logo, posters, … ) Ensure quality: Testing, reporting bugs Organize work: Project management Content specialist: writing guides and documentations Viral marketing: Creating online infographics, podcasts, vlogs and other videos Spread the word: Blog posting, conference talks, online discussions Financial plan: Building a case for financial support Legal analysis: Check contributing guidelines, licensing conformation, etc. Which programming language should you know? (at least basics) No language needed What else should you know? Nothing What type of internship is it? Short-term internship, Long-term internshipThe mentor can speak […]

March 20, 2019

OpenJDK Internship

Our team is dealing with java itself. With development and testing of language and java platform itself.

March 4, 2019

Brno Long-term InternshipShort-term Internship

.NET Internship

.NET Core Quality Engineering is responsible for .NET Core (and related) packages in RHEL, CentOS and Fedora. We also contribute upstream to https://github.com/dotnet and work closely with Microsoft to deliver high quality product.

Brno Long-term InternshipShort-term Internship

Copr Internship

Development of package build service https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/ Lots of python coding, huge amount of data.

Brno Short-term Internship

Documentation Internship

Documentation for developer technologies and products, tooling.

Brno Long-term InternshipShort-term Internship

CCS Tooling OpenShift.io Internship

Tooling for content services, working with documents, documentation testing (parsing, analyzing), document transformation (DocBook to AsciiDoc for example), working with Jenkins , developing REST API apps, probably with AngularJS front-end. Documentation analysis with nice graphical output (Matplotlib etc.)

Brno Long-term Internship

High-school Internship II

For anybody interested in making games using PyGame, Love framework, OpenGL etc.

Brno Long-term InternshipShort-term Internship