Cooperation with teachers

There are two main ways in which we cooperate with high-school teachers:

1. Regular courses organized by Purkynova high-school where a group of Red Hatters teaches the basics of Linux administration. The courses happen once in ~2-3 months and are attended by teachers from a wide variety of high-school from the region. Interested parties should contact the headmaster of Purkynova high-school Antonín Doušek.

2. Internships for high-school teachers, that are meant to provide the teachers with experience from the industry and to improve their ability to teach current technologies and trends to their students. Similar to the student internship, the teacher is paired with a mentor from Red Hat and works with him on a range of topics or particular project of his/her choice. In 2017, 2 teachers have attended this internship and have used the EU program VAV Šablony to support this.