Apache Web Server Performance and Upgradability Testing Internship

Job summary:

The Red Hat Czech RHEL Apps & Stacks QE team is looking for an Intern for Apache web server performance and upgrade testing to join us in Brno, Czech Republic. As a RHEL Apps & Stacks QE intern, you will review current state of Apache web server performance testing, propose new approaches and integrate them into current testing workflow. Similar steps are expected for testing in place upgrades between major RHEL releases. Other related components like nginx and php may be part of this job too. This long-term internship will give you an opportunity to work on enhancing quality of major web stack technologies while growing your quality engineering and Linux administration skills.

Primary job responsibilities:

* Performance testing of web servers (httpd, nginx and related components)
* Testing of in place upgrades of web servers (httpd, nginx and related components)
* Development and maintanance of related test automation

Required skills:

* basic Linux and Bash scripting skills
* experience with httpd servers is a plus