CloudForms UI Intern

Job summary:

The Red Hat Czech CloudForms team is looking for an Intern to work on UI in React to join us. As a CloudForms intern, you will contribute to CloudForms application that helps users to manage their cloud solutions. You will work on your tasks and get help from more senior colleague when you get stuck (everyone needs help from time to time :)). Then you’ll push your changes to Github and get a review. If needed you’ll improve your code so it can be merged into our codebase. In this role, you will learn to write clean code that is readable, maintainable and well-tested. This long-term internship will give you opportunity to improve your programming skills and learn from seasoned programmers plus your work will be on Github 🙂

Primary job responsibilities:

write unit tests; fix bugs; rewrite old parts of CloudForms from Ruby on Rails to React; push the changes to Github

Required skills:

Interest in learning new things; Ability to communicate in English; Basic knowledge of Javascript or Ruby is a plus