CloudForms User Interface Intern

Job summary:

The Red Hat Czech CloudForms team is looking for an intern for frontend develompment to join us in Brno, Czech Republic. The CloudForms intern would contribute to a open-source web-based cloud management platform implemented mostly in JavaScript and Ruby.

In this role, the intern would implement features, refactor code, fix bugs and write tests. Knowing JavaScript and any library for defining components (Angular, React, Vue.js) is a benefit but not an essential.

This long-term internship would give the intern an opportunity to learn more practical skills of software engineering and would provide space to apply the knowledge the intern has learned at the university.

Primary job responsibilities:

The intern’s work would be on the frontend part of the web application, which means defining new components and adjusting existing ones to our needs using modern JavaScript libraries. Also, replacing parts of a legacy UI with new component-based patterns and writing tests to verify the correctness of the implemented components.

Required skills:

analytical thinking, ability to gain new knowledge, motivation for continuous development, programming fundamentals and component-based thinking, interest in developing web applications