Data Processing Intern

Job summary:

The documentation team is seeking an Intern with the interest in data management and information processing to join us in Brno, Czech Republic. In this role, you will work with different stakeholders across the organization to analyze information flows, build data models and prototype content management system based on a sample information flow focusing on data grooming, searchability and discoverability. The topic and gained experience can be used as a foundation of a Master Thesis.

Primary job responsibilities:

Collect information about the content types and data flows from different parts of the organization.
Effectively communicate, establish connections and factor in different requirements and perspectives from the stakeholders.
Create consumer-producer model for information flows.
Investigate open source technologies that would be most suitable to build the foundation of the searchable and scalable content management system.
Use sample information workflow to prototype the solution. The solution shall include mechanisms of uploading relevant information, easy to use search front end and the storage back end.
Apply the solution and measure impact on the organization.
Create an executive presentation that would outline costs and benefits of the system if deployed at scale (can be reused for thesis).

Required skills:

Understanding of the data models, especially related to information flows.
Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to solve practical tasks.
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English language.
Learning quickly and on the fly.
Confidence in evaluating different technologies and their properties and capabilities.
Self organized, goals driven.