Desktop/Graphics SE Internship

Job summary:

The Red Hat Graphics Software Engineering team is seeking a student college graduate to join us for an internship in Brno, Czech Republic. In this role, you will work with experienced GPU developers on the X Window System, Wayland, and the Linux kernel. We’ll need you to have a strong interest in GPU driver development, implementing support for various GPUs in OpenGL or Vulkan, and low-level device driver programming. A solid background in C programming and experience with drivers in the Linux Kernel is a significant advantage. This long-term internship will give you a good overview on how development on the Linux graphics stack looks like and how to contribute to it.

Primary job responsibilities:

* Fixing issues in GPU drivers and Linux graphics infrastructure
* Test GPUs to find bugs, track down the problems in the code, and fix the
* Develop features for GPU device drivers in the Linux kernel, Mesa, the X
server, and Wayland

Required skills:

* Experience programming in C
* Familiarity with Linux development tools
* Experience in low-level device driver programming
* Highly motivated with the desire to work independently
* Prior experience developing in the Linux kernel, the X server, Mesa, and
OpenGL; GPU driver experience is preferred
* English
* Official university student status in the Czech Republic