Development of OpenJDK Building and Berifing Toolchain Internship

Job summary:

Red Hat OpenJDK team is world’s leading power in world of open java. OpenJDK as lead by RH is powering bilions of servers and applications. Our team is providing patches, builds, test, and deployment environment for OpenJDK to grow and stay stable. On this position, this world will be introduced to you, and you will slowly be integrated into the part of this ecosystem you will like most

Primary job responsibilities:

* responsibilities will flow from your experience, orientation and interest. Can be one of following:
* scripting of low level stuff in bash
* front end in jaascript
* contributin to java and its friends
* hacking internal tools in java or python
* contributing to Fedora to make life of OpenJDK easier
* orchestrating virtual machines
* hacking internals of Java in C and assembler
* presenting OpenJDK on conferences and handling community stuff
* It really depends what you wish to do, what you wont to do, and how good you are.
* no java EE around, but you can bring it to us

Required skills:

* passion for open source java
* conclusion that you know one of – java, python, javascript, C, humans, assembler, linux administration – really good by your own measurements
* to be aware of the difference between OpenJDK and (Oracle)Java (dont know now? Just read and ask on interview)