Foreman SE Internship

Job summary:

Foreman ( team is looking for a Ruby developer interested in system administration, networking, systems monitoring or configuration management technologies like Puppet or Ansible, to help us improving the Foreman project. Foreman is a systems management solution in Ruby on Rails. We are a distributed team of engineers from all around the world. Our fully open-sourced stack includes the following technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sinatra. Foreman supports provisioning on hypervisors such as VMware, oVirt, libvirt, cloud services like AWS, GCE, Azure and security compliance framework OpenSCAP. Foreman project has an active community of contributors outside of Red Hat too. You’ll have an opportunity to work on real-life issues of an enterprise product with thousands of users.

Primary job responsibilities:

Develop new features and plugins for the Foreman project
Work with the front-end development teams to build APIs that shapes the data that is available for UI consumption
Collaborate with other team members on analyzing and fixing bugs in the project
Work on prototypes for new enhancements, experiment with new tools and projects that would further improve the Foreman

Required skills:

Experience with Linux OS on user level
Communicative level of English
Enthusiasm for learning new technologies and infrastructure automatization