FreeIPA/Dogtag SE Intern

Job summary:

The Red Hat Czech FreeIPA team is looking for a software engineering intern to join us in Brno, Czech Republic. As a FreeIPA intern you will contribute to FreeIPA project and its components with a goal to create working prototype of using ACME protocol(Automated Certificate Management Environment) to obtain and renew a certificate in FreeIPA. In this role you will use your skills to enhance Dogtag Certificate server (Java), a component of FreeIPA, to support ACME protocol and enhance FreeIPA (mostly Python) to be able to leverage this functionality. This long-term internship will give you insight into development of security solutions, you will learn more about certificates and certificate authorities and will be able to learn from experts in the field.

Primary job responsibilities:

communicate and collaborate with other team members across multiple timezones; analyze, design, defend and implement the working prototype; present the solution

Required skills:

desire to learn more about X.509 certificates, ACME protocol and the two projects; desire to solve challenging problems; basic programming skills, Python and Java are welcome