Frontend Developer Internship

Job summary:

The Red Hat Czech Vulnerability Insights team is looking for an Intern developing frontend applications to join us in Brno, Czech Republic. As a Vulnerability Frontend intern, you will contribute to the Red Hat Cloud Services project, which is a cloud based system management solution, that allows users to monitor and maintain various aspects of their systems. You will work on building a “Vulnerability” frontend – a React based user interface, composed of various components built either from scratch or based on Patternfly 4 React. Frontend fetches data from our engine using REST API.

Primary job responsibilities:

Build reusable components in React/Redux ; Design pages according to mock-ups ; Represent data fetched from REST API ; Ensure consistency within the application ; Fix bugs and improve performance; Contribute to Cloud Services React repository

Required skills:

You need to be able to maintain code using Git ;
Working with React should not be a problem for you ;
Knowledge of Redux is a benefitial item ;
You should generally be interested in frontend technologies ;
Some module bundling tools are not strange to you ;
You can write/edit stylesheets
You will communicate in English, both written and verbal ;