Fuse Documentation Quality Engineer Internship

Job summary:

Red Hat Fuse QE team is looking for a skilled copywriter with dream to become a programmer. Interested in the newest technologies, languages and cloud services. You will start small by evaluating Fuse product documentation which opens opportunity to gain experience in programming in Java and work with the latest and greatest technologies eg. OpenShift. Become the voice of the customer, the bridge between QE and documentation teams, provide feedback on the quality of documentation and start your career in technical area.

Primary job responsibilities:

Validate documentation against Fuse Products
Drive documentation to be self-explanatory and comprehensible
Report found issues
Innovate current workflows and process automation
Contribute to automated tests
Analyze and solve given tasks

Required skills:

Interest in foreign languages
Excellent level of English B2 and above
Interested in Computer Science
Interest in any programming languages
Eager to continuously learn new technologies
Optional Java programming skills
Optional User level experience with Linux
Optional familiarity with open source projects is a plus