Kernel Network Feature Backporter Internship

Job summary:

The Red Hat Czech network hardware kernel team is looking for an intern to join us in Brno, Czech Republic. In this role, you will help us to backport network core features that are necessary for network drivers from upstream to RHEL kernel. You will be working with a team of talented kernel developers and this long-term internship will give you the opportunity to gain a kernel development experience and a knowledge about network core internals.

Primary job responsibilities:

Backport kernel network core features from upstream to RHEL;
Review the code of other team members for completeness and correctness;
Work closely with the Quality Engineering (QE) team to ensure that the backported features are tested correctly;

Required skills:

Experience with the C programming language;
Experience with git;
Basic knowledge of Linux kernel;
Knowledge of Linux scripting tools like Bash or Python;
Motivated and dedicated to learning;