Kuryr-Kubernetes Intern

Job summary:

Our team works on OpenStack, which is a group of open source projects that helps organizations deploy and run clouds for computing, networking and storage.
Our work is focused on making OpenStack a great platform to run OpenShift on. Our project to achieve that is Kuryr-Kubernetes, which enables Openstack Neutron based network in OpenShift.
As a Kuryr-Kubernetes intern, you will have the opportunity to learn network concepts, how to use containers, container orchestration(OpenShift), and most importantly, the possibility to contribute and be part of two large open source communities, i.e., OpenStack and Openshift. The ideal candidate should be willing and open to learn new concepts and technologies.

Primary job responsibilities:

Get involved with open source and contribute upstream;
Work with the team to develop and test Kuryr-Kubernetes;
Improve the Kuryr-Kubernetes user experience;

Required skills:

Base knowledge of Python;
Familiarity with any Linux Operating systems;
Intermediate written and spoken English;