.NET Core Internship (C#)

Job summary:

The Red Hat Czech .NET Core Quality Engineering team is looking for an Intern to join us Brno, Czech Republic. As a .NET Core QE intern, you will contribute to .NET Core and Fedora community. In this role, you will work on an independent project to support the community infrastructure and contribute to .NET Core integration and performance tests for Linux. You will learn how to create web applications, how to use different APIs, how to deploy .NET Core on a production server, and gain in-depth understanding of .NET Core.

Primary job responsibilities:

Implement, deploy and maintain a web-application that communicates with various 3rd party APIs.; Design and implement integration and/or performance tests for .NET Core

Required skills:

Intermediate English spoken and written; Basic Linux knowledge (cli, bash); Basic C# knowledge; Experience with ASP.NET (Core) and other web technologies is a plus.

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