New Storage Technology Project Internship

Job summary:

The Red Hat Engineering team is looking for an intern to work on a new project in the area of storage technologies. You will be working closely with a Senior Software Engineer on the Storage Instantiation Daemon – a program responsible for storage stacking during system start-up and shutdown. This project aims to solve real world problems and become the de facto standard for managing storage activation in Linux across distributions. You will research, discuss, help develop, and test the daemon; and in so doing, gain insight into the various Linux storage components and the challenges involved in putting it all together.

Primary job responsibilities:

discuss, analyze and implement technical solutions as part of a team; provide tests, identify issues, and solve problems; document and evangelize this new project

Required skills:

a strong grasp of the ‘C’ programming language; system level programming;
familiarity with Linux; familiarity with block level storage (RAID, LVM, multipath, etc) is a strong plus; above all, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lighted. ~Plutarch” We want candidates who are excited to learn, excited to talk to others about what they are doing, and can harness that excitement into something that will benefit the entire Linux community.