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Open Source Projects

What’s an open source project for Red Hat Research? A project that involves contributing to an open source community like Kubernetes, Apache, Eclipse. 

Open source projects come in all sizes. Here are projects that Co-op students and interns are working on as well as project proposals looking for individuals or teams with or without open source skills to help build software that will make a difference. 

Where do the proposals come from? From everywhere in our community. If you have an idea for an open source project or are already working on a project and are seeking contributors, send us your proposal.  

We’ll review it and let you know if it’s something our community can help with. 


Test Results Management System Complementing the tmt ToolThis diploma thesis deals with the area of software testing, more precisely with the topic …brno-university-of-technology
Practical Application of Facebook Infer on Systems CodeStatic analysis is nowadays often used in the development process to find defects in the …brno-university-of-technology
Extension of the Eclipse Che Editor for UI Testing ModuleThe goal of this thesis is to design and implement module for testing graphical user …brno-university-of-technology
Chart Builder Ansible Automation AnalyticsThis thesis focuses on creating a web component to render charts from a structured data …brno-university-of-technology
Applying Code Change Patterns during Analysis of Program EquivalenceThe goal of this thesis is to propose a static analysis method for recognition of …brno-university-of-technology
Equivalence-Based Slicing of ProgramsThe aim of this work is to design a method that simplifies two programs based …brno-university-of-technology
Continuous Integration DashboardThis bachelor thesis deals with the development of a web application for integrating CI/CD instruments. …brno-university-of-technology
Digital personal IDThis thesis aims to analyze the current state of electronic identification in the Czech Republic …masaryk-university
Analyzing validation errors of TLS certificates in the wildThis thesis analyzes the situation about the outcomes of certificate chain validations happening on the …masaryk-university
Extending PatrIoT framework with Kubernetes supportOver the last few years, the demand for testing IoT applications has significantly increased. Testing …masaryk-university
Blockchain in the public sectorBlockchain has been receiving a lot of attention for its potential to enable non-third-party involvement …masaryk-university
Web application for manufacturers ratingThis thesis aims to implement an open-source, user-friendly web application for manufacturers’ ratings. This application …masaryk-university
Android Application for Charity DonationsThis thesis aims to design and implement an Android application that provides an easy way …masaryk-university
Comparing X.509 certificate validation errors across TLS librariesIT professionals often meet certificate validation errors when dealing with TLS. In such situations, their …masaryk-university
Web-Based Individual Approach Employee Training ToolThe goal of the thesis is to create a web application to help employees starting …masaryk-university
Unsupervised Time Series Anomaly Detection on Virtualisation host networksCloud computing provides unique automation opportunities and a reduction of administrative costs. The special circumstances …masaryk-university
Detection of hardware and software problems using MLThis work aims to improve the testing process of the Cluster Quality Engineering team at …masaryk-university
Web-based user interface to PodmanThis thesis deals with developing a web user interface application for Podman for Red Hat. …masaryk-university
Predicting software stack issues in TensorflowProject Thoth is a recommendation engine for Python software stacks. As Python is becoming de-facto …masaryk-university
Open Source Contest web application developmentThe goal of this work is to design and implement a web application for Red …masaryk-university
Performance Testing Automation of Apache Qpid Messaging LibrariesEvent-driven architecture has proven to be an effective way of designing software systems composed of …masaryk-university
Connecting emulated virtual networks across multiple physical hostsThe focus of this thesis is on the problems of IoT testing and in particular …masaryk-university
Jenkins queue overrunningJenkins has a queuing mechanism to checkout jobs and a mechanism for canceling builds in …
Efficient implementation of PicnicThe main goal of this thesis is to survey available implementations of the Picnic digital …masaryk-university
Impact of virtualization on benchmark accuracyThe goal of this thesis was to measure and analyze the impact of virtualization on …masaryk-university
Usability analysis of TLS API documentationThis thesis deals with the usability of selected TLS libraries, their documentation, code samples and …masaryk-university
Quantitative analysis of TLS certificate validity on the InternetThe aim of this work is to design and create a tool to collect a …masaryk-university
Corner cases and possible improvements of automated testingThe aim of this thesis is analysis of current state of OpenJDK QE in Red …masaryk-university
Application-specific passwords / Multiple passwords for one user in FreeIPAThis thesis implements basic support for application-specific passwords in FreeIPA, which will not be usable …masaryk-university
Event-Driven AutomationThe thesis deals with automation of processes in Testing Farm Team of company Red Hat …brno-university-of-technology
Web Application for Certificate ManagementThe aim of this work is to create software to request and manage X.509 certificates. …brno-university-of-technology
Automated Generation of Tests for GNOME GUI Applications Using AT-SPI MetadataThe goal of this work is the development of a tool capable of automatic test …brno-university-of-technology
Detection of Timing Side-Channels in TLSThe TLS protocol is complex and widely used, which necessitates thorough testing, as there are …brno-university-of-technology
Multi-Factor Authentication in Web Applications Using PAMThe aim of this thesis is to implement multi-factor authentication using PAM for web applications. …brno-university-of-technology
Early Testing in oVirt/RHV ProjectThe objective of this work is to automate the preparation of a testing environment, which …brno-university-of-technology
Real Time Data Processing with Strimzi ProjectContainer technologies become broadly used in modern times. In prevailing, applications made on the micro-service …brno-university-of-technology
Fuzz Testing of REST APIThis thesis is dealing with fuzz testing of REST API. After presenting state-of-the-art of fuzzing …brno-university-of-technology
System for Automatic Filtering of TestsThe goal of this thesis is to create a system that automatically determines a set …brno-university-of-technology
Tool for Effective Management of Web Application TestsThe goal of this thesis is to create a tool that allows testers to see …brno-university-of-technology
Dynamic Extensible DSL Documentation Tool in RubyThe aim of this thesis is to design and implement a modification of existing or …brno-university-of-technology
Analyze and improve image filters in GNOME PhotosThis thesis is focused on reverse-engineering the Clarendon filter from popular social network Instagram and …masaryk-university
XDP test suite for Linux kernelThe eXpress Data Path is still a quite young technology, and as such, its testing …masaryk-university
Systematic collection of TPM 2.0 chips attributes on LinuxThis work provides an overview of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), related vulnerabilities, Linux software …masaryk-university
Usable documentation for certificate validation errorsThis thesis proposes new documentation for three chosen certificate validation errors. The evaluation of the …masaryk-university
Performance testing of Virtual Data Optimizer storage layerThe purpose of this thesis is to lay foundation in VDO performance testing. Theoretical overview …masaryk-university
The tool for status reporting of software in developmentThis thesis focuses on the analysis of requirements and processes of users and teams, design …masaryk-university
User Experience in Virtual Computer Network DebuggingThis document describes the process of creating a user-friendly vizualization of large virtual computer networks. …czech-technical-university
LSP clients generatorThe Diploma thesis deals with the Microsoft Language Server Protocol. The theoretical part describes the …brno-university-of-technology
Bitlocker Disk Encryption in the Linux EnvironmentThere currently isn’t a technology for full disk encryption that would work seamlessly, without installing …tomas-bata-university-in-zlin
Reengineering of Report Editor for ManageIQ projectThe aim of thesis was to create components for a form called Report Editor, which …mendel-university-in-brno
Automatic verification of software packages with help of DNSThis master’s thesis deals with the problem of secure software distribution. An enhancement for the …brno-university-of-technology
Client side DNSSEC deploymentThis thesis deals with a problem of end-user’s access to the DNSSEC validation. It explores …brno-university-of-technology
Analysis of Randomness Levels in the Kernel Entropy Pool After BootPurpose of the thesis is to acquire entropy from the Linux random number generator and …slovak-university-of-technology-in-bratislava
MySQL query language parser for capturing data changesProject Debezium is distributed platform for change data capture in database systems. One of supported …czech-technical-university
Efficient and secure document rendering from multiple similar untrusted sourcesPreviously, only trusted maintainers could modify the content of Nauč se Python!, a project for …czech-technical-university
USB Flash Drive WriterIn this thesis, a device called Fedorator, capable of writing the Fedora operating system to …czech-technical-university
Network Interface Controller Offloading in LinuxModern network interface controllers allow the host to offload packet processing to hardware in order …charles-university
Temperature Component for Silverspoon.ioDesign and implement a component for Apache Camel framework, that could be used to read …pavol-jozef-safarik-university-in-kosice
Develop an IoT Application RuntimeThis thesis aims to develop platform agnostic IoT runtime using Bulldog Camel and Docker components. …czech-technical-university
Web application for personal currency exchangeThis thesis is devoted to the analysis, design and implementation of the web application and …czech-technical-university
iOS application for 3D printer controlBachelor thesis aims to create an application to control 3D printers. The ap- plication simplifies …czech-technical-university
Plane cutting of a triangular meshThis bachelor’s thesis discusses the design and implementation of a library, which allows to make …czech-technical-university
Code Generator for RedDeer Test FrameworkThis bachelor’s thesis describes the design and creation of a new Eclipse plug-in. The theoretical …brno-university-of-technology
Eclipse plugin for triggering Project Newcastle workflowsThe bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of Eclipse plugin for triggering builds …mendel-university-in-brno
Firefox OS applicationThe aim of the bachelor thesis was to design and implement a functional application for Firefox …slovak-university-of-technology-in-bratislava
Firefox OSNowadays, the everyday work is often done on our smartphones or any othersmart devices which …technical-university-of-kosice
Pixwords for Firefox OSThis bachelor thesis acquaints readers with the operating system Firefox OS. The thesis describes a …university-of-south-bohemia-in-ceske-budejovice
Determine applications affected by upgradeThis thesis deals with the topic of „applications affected by upgrade“, particularlyof their determination and …palacky-university-olomouc
Graphical User Interface for the Admesh applicationThis bachelor thesis is devoted to designing and implementation of an extension for ADMesh tool …czech-technical-university
Infrastructure for Testing and Deployment in the Field of ContainersEfficiency loss caused by repetitive manual tasks is a common problem throughout the IT sector. …brno-university-of-technology
A Static Analysis Tool Detecting Bugs in Signal HandlersThis work is about the plugin csigsafe for the GCC compiler. It uses static code …brno-university-of-technology
Performance Testing of Linux Kernel SchedulerPerformance of process scheduler in a kernel of an operating system significantly influences throughput and …brno-university-of-technology
Source Code Metrics for Quality in JavaIn order to control and improve code quality there needs to be a system in …brno-university-of-technology
Graphical Viewer and Simple Editor of ELF FileThe goal of this thesis is to create an application with graphical user interface that …brno-university-of-technology
Influence of Code Copying on the Quality of a Software ProjectThis work delves into the field of code clone detection, focusing on Python programming language. …brno-university-of-technology
Graphical Representation of Company Statistics DashboardWhat is measured can be improved. That’s why Red Hat and the PnT DevOps team …brno-university-of-technology
Git Reporting ToolThis bachelor thesis is about an implementation of the software tool dedicated for creation and …brno-university-of-technology
Continuous Integration and Automated Code Review in Open Source ProjectsDue to an increase of the open source projects popularity a new software methodology has …brno-university-of-technology
Automatic Seccomp Syscall Policy GeneratorThis thesis deals with design and implementation of the tool which transforms a system call …brno-university-of-technology
Modern TreeView Component for the WebThis thesis focuses on creating a web component to display hierarchical structure in a form …brno-university-of-technology
Extension Shield for Testing of ARM-Based Embedded SystemsThe purpose of this Bachelor’s thesis was to design and create an extension shield for …brno-university-of-technology
Extending audit2allow to Provide More Restrictive SolutionsThe thesis analyzes the role of the audit2allow utility in troubleshooting Security-Enhanced Linux denials and …brno-university-of-technology
Automated Security Compliance Scanning of MS Windows Operating System Using OpenSCAP ProjectThis work deals with security compliance of computer systems, namely operating systems, applications and system …brno-university-of-technology
Summary Administration of Virtual Machines in the OVirt ProjectThis thesis tackles the idea of virtualization and virtual machines. Theoretical part covers basics of …brno-university-of-technology
Continues Integration Support for Copr Build SystemThis thesis deals with implementation of continuous integration for build system Copr. The implementation uses …brno-university-of-technology
Deep Neural Networks Used for Customer Support Cases AnalysisArtificial intelligence is remarkably popular these days. It can be used to resolve various highly …brno-university-of-technology
Extend USBGuard to Support External Authorization Policy SourcesThis thesis deals with a security aspect of using external USB devices on Linux.It also …brno-university-of-technology
Automated Testing of OS Linux Protocol Stack Behaviour During CongestionThis thesis is focused on observing and simulating network congestion in laboratory conditions, and on …brno-university-of-technology
Porting Tang to OpenWRTThe main objective of this work was to port and document the process of porting …brno-university-of-technology
Remote API Web Reference for Java Enterprise ApplicationsThe Master’s thesis focuses on testing REST API interfaces of web applications. The result of …brno-university-of-technology
Performance Testing and Analysis of Qpid Dispatch RouterApplication performance testing has recently become more important during the application development of all kinds. …brno-university-of-technology
Referral Program PlatformThis thesis describes the design and implementation of a~referral program platform implemented as a~web application. …brno-university-of-technology
Refactoring and Verification of the Code of mkfs xfsThis work describes the processes of refactoring mkfs.xfs program for a purpose of refining its …brno-university-of-technology
Automatic Component Metadata Extractor and Consolidator for Continuous IntegrationThis Master Thesis focuses on the modification of continuous integration practice withinthe Platform team at …brno-university-of-technology
Visualising CPU ActivityThis thesis is intended to be a complement for learning about the RISC pipeline. Product …brno-university-of-technology
Continuous Integration System for Interoperability of TLS/SSL LibrariesThe goal of this thesis is to implement a continuous integration system, which allows periodic …brno-university-of-technology
USB HID MonitorThe goal of this thesis is to design and implement application for in-depth analysis of …brno-university-of-technology
Web-Based Crash Data Querying ToolHundred of thousands crash reports are collected from Fedora and CentOS users every day by …brno-university-of-technology
Unified Reporting for Performance TestingModern advances in software technologies for today’s application development have allowed for developers to concentrate …brno-university-of-technology
Performance Optimization of Testing Automation Framework Based on BeakerlibThe aim of this thesis it to analyze and optimize performance of BeakerLib testing library,specifically …brno-university-of-technology
Cluster Data Visualization for InfiSpectorThis bachelor’s thesis is focused on InfiSpector data visualization by adding a new graph used …brno-university-of-technology
Remote Deployment of InfiSpectorThe InfiSpector is an application that provides graphical representation of JGroups communication happening between nodes …brno-university-of-technology
Graphical Viewer and Simple Editor of ELF FileThis thesis specify, design and develop graphial viewer and editor of ELF binary files. The …brno-university-of-technology
JUnit Status View for Tested Eclipse InstanceThe aim of this paper is to design and implement tools which allow to display …brno-university-of-technology
JamVM Virtual Machine on the ARM ArchitectureThis thesis describes and compares two Java virtual machines on the ARM architecture, namely JamVM …brno-university-of-technology
A Comparison of CACAO Virtual Machine and HotSpot JVMThe aim of this thesis is introduction of Java platform and two chosen representants of …brno-university-of-technology
IoT Application Deployment PlatformThe aim of this work is simplifying deployment of Internet of Things in households or …brno-university-of-technology
Existing Attacks on SSL/TLS ProtocolSSL/TLS is a modern cryptographic protocol, which secures the communication between client and server. However, …brno-university-of-technology
Testing Open vSwitch and DPDKThe project is about the virtual switch called Open vSwitch and its architecture. It deals …brno-university-of-technology
IRC LogbotFor web application development it is currently possible to use the full range of web …brno-university-of-technology
Polymer Elements for a Business Process Management SystemGoal of this thesis is to introduce and analyze Web Components technology and JBoss BPM …brno-university-of-technology
Generic Configuration Interface for Virtual MachinesThe aim of this work is to document the development process of configuration dialogs for …brno-university-of-technology
IoT Devices Registry PortalThe purpose of this thesis is to design and implement a web application which allows …brno-university-of-technology
Performance testing of Messaging ProtocolsOne of the biggest priorities of modern software development is performance testing of the finished …masaryk-university
Clusterable Task SchedulerThe purpose of this thesis is to create a microservice that would schedule tasks happening …masaryk-university
Integration of RHAMT and Jenkins productsThe main goal of this thesis is to implement a plugin for Jenkins CI that …masaryk-university
Argon2 function and hardware platform optimizations for OpenSSLMemory-hard password hashing function Argon2 has been adopted by applications and libraries alike, but it …masaryk-university
Compiling Applications for Analysis with DIVINEVerification and other formal analysis techniques are often demanding tasks, both in skill and time. …masaryk-university
Integration of MicroProfile LRA with the Axon frameworkComputer transactions provide a set of guarantees to help us ensure the reliability of our …masaryk-university
Web-based customers cases aggregation and reporting toolThe thesis aims to implement a new web-based application that scans cases reported by Red …masaryk-university
High-availability for PostgreSQL in OpenShiftRunning containerized applications in Kubernetes and OpenShift is a well-established way of deployment and management …masaryk-university
Performance testing system for Aggregated Logging in OpenshiftThis thesis aims to analyze the existing performance testing system of the Origin Aggregate Logging …masaryk-university
Improve User Experience of a Gantt component in an information systemThis thesis aims to extend the functionality of the current Frappe Gantt library in order …masaryk-university
Multimedia channel aggregation platformThe aim of this thesis was to create a multimedia channel aggregation platform with web …masaryk-university
Research of Fedora Status for Machine LearningThe topic of this thesis was to find out whether the Fedora distribution attracts machine …masaryk-university
Integration of maps in zoo applicationThe objective of this work is to extend mobile application Zoo Brno, which serves as …masaryk-university
Robomise in a mobile environmentThe main goal of this bachelor thesis is analysis, user testing of an existing web …masaryk-university
Model Checking with System Call TracesWhen executing programs, DIVINE can record system call invoked by the tested program in the …masaryk-university
Decompiling Binaries into LLVM IR Using McSema and DyninstThere are many tools that operate on LLVM bitcode. To use these tools, LLVM bitcode …masaryk-university
GraphQL as modern access to jBPM process engineThis thesis explains the concepts of GraphQL and open-source process engine – jBPM. An overview …masaryk-university
Argon2 security margin for disk encryption passwordsPasswords are a popular authentication method in the field of information technology. Passwords were created …masaryk-university
Modern development workflow for Fedora GNU/Linux distributionIn this thesis, we will look at the current state of the software packaging in …masaryk-university
Design UI for Zoo Mobile AppThis work deals with the design of a new user interface for an existing mobile …masaryk-university
iOS mobile media platformThe aim of this thesis is to design and implement open-source iOS application, which acts …masaryk-university
Software support for financial rewardsDiploma thesis explores relationship between financial bonus and employee work ethics. The first part is …masaryk-university
Mobile applications for EvManEvMan is an event management software that offers a rich user interface through the web. …masaryk-university
ManageIQ Expression EditorThe goal of this thesis is to design and implement a new filtering tool for …masaryk-university
Integrating Apiman gateway with OpenShiftAPIs are the building blocks of today’s web applications. However, developing a production ready API …masaryk-university
Automatic optimization of virtual machines for high performance workloadsThe goal of this thesis is to research how the performance of different types of …masaryk-university
Android mobile media platformThe aim of this work is to create native Android application for open-source platform for …masaryk-university
Email interface to an information systemThe aim of this thesis is to design and develop an email interface for an …masaryk-university
MongoDB NoSQL database performance measurementThe aim of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of NoSQL database MongoDB and …masaryk-university
Analysis of source code from GitHub repositoriesIn collaboration with Red Hat, a Java source code analysis from the public repositories available …masaryk-university
Implement detection of duplicate test coverage for Java applicationsThe thesis aims to analyze and implement detection of duplicate tests coverage as part of …masaryk-university
Graphical User Interface for a C++ SimulatorThe goal of the master’s thesis was to implement a graphical user interface for a …masaryk-university
Approvals System for Keycloak serverThe diploma thesis covers design and implementation of the Approval System for Keycloak server. The …masaryk-university
Testing user experience of management tool for HA ClusterThis thesis introduces usability testing which aims to improve user experience and usability of the …masaryk-university
Blockchain technology in the enterprise environmentCryptocurrencies and blockchains are rapidly developing technologies offering a lot of interesting ideas and features. …masaryk-university
Automation of software release distribution for partnersEach product of Red Hat portfolio needs to go through release pipeline. Few of these …masaryk-university
Web Service for Generic Archive ComparisonThis thesis deals with the design and implementation of a web service for displaying differences …masaryk-university
Use of Transactions within a Reactive Microservices EnvironmentTransaction processing is an inherent part of application development. However, particularly in the distributed environment, …masaryk-university
Program memory metadata in DIVINEThe thesis focuses on the metadata storage system in DIVINE, a model checking tool. DIVINE …masaryk-university
A Lock-Free Implementation of Union-FindImplementing parallel systems is highly complex domain composed of many layers ranging from processor architecture …masaryk-university
Integration of audio support in zoo appplicationThe aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to extend the mobile application of Zoo Brno …masaryk-university
Infrastructure for Enterprise Applications DeploymentThis bachelor’s thesis focuses on deploying applications in the cloud environment. It provides information on …masaryk-university
Server part of a mobile media platformThe aim of this thesis is to design and implement open-source server and content management …masaryk-university
Graphical Debugger of GPIO PinsThe main aim of this thesis is to implement a graphical debugger for single-board computers …masaryk-university
Referral Program PlatformThe goal of the final thesis is to create a web application that functions as …masaryk-university
Monitoring and visualizing hardware resource loadThe aim of the bachelor thesis was to find and compare the available technologies for …masaryk-university
Forward error correction for storage applicationsForward error correction algorithms are a vital element of many storage systems that require insurance …masaryk-university
Bitlocker Full Disk EncryptionIn the current modern world of information era, Information security plays a vital role in …masaryk-university
Optimizing authenticated encryption algorithmsIn this thesis, we look at authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD), which is a …masaryk-university
A Platform for Interactive Training Materials DevelopmentThe aim of this thesis was to design and implement a platform for interactive training …masaryk-university
Symbolic Model Checking via Program TransformationsTo show reliability of software, developers usually reach out for testing and static analysis. However, …masaryk-university
Goal Tracking SystemThe work presents the design and the implementation of the goal tracking system for employees …masaryk-university
Optimization and implementation of AF_KTLS in user-space applicationsAF_KTLS is a kernel module that introduces parts of TLS and DTLS protocols to the …masaryk-university
Improvment of system for archiving electronic conferencesThesis enhances the diploma thesis From mailing list archive to knowledge base (M. BRIŠKÁR, 2014), …masaryk-university
Talent Acquisition ToolThe main goal of this thesis was to develop a web application capable of querying …masaryk-university
Detection of manageable devices on networkThe main goal of this thesis is to explore how Foreman could be introduced into …masaryk-university
Decompilation of restored in-memory class fragments in running JVMThe aim of this thesis is the implementation of a plugin for the Thermostat instrumentation …masaryk-university
PerfCake Plugin for Integrated Development EnvironmentsThe main goal of this thesis is to provide a PerfCake plugin for IDEs, which …masaryk-university
Monitoring Extension for Microservices Platform SilverWareThis thesis introduces the microservice architecture, its benefits and drawbacks and how it differs from …masaryk-university
OpenShift resources monitoring and visualizationThis diploma thesis is looking into Openshift resources usage monitoring and visualization. It’s goal was …masaryk-university
Synchronization of services communicating over HTTPThe aim of this work is to design and create an open-source service used as …masaryk-university
Integrace Informačního systému datových schránek s projektem Apache CamelThe main goal of this thesis is to ease up electronic communication with czech government. …masaryk-university
OpenStack integration with Apache Camel projectThe purpose of this master’s thesis is to design and develop new Camel component by …masaryk-university
LinkedIn Search Query BuilderThe aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a web application to facilitate the …masaryk-university
The Effects of Age on File System PerformanceThe purpose of this thesis is to research effects of age on file system performance. …masaryk-university
Pinball game in Box2D engineIn this bachelor thesis I deal with the physics engine Box2D and its port into …masaryk-university
Adding external authentication support to a web projectThe aim of this thesis is to extend Drupal such that it will support optional …masaryk-university
Linux dm-crypt disk encryption in Windows environmentThis thesis deals with symetric block cipher encryption of disc image at sector level. Examines …masaryk-university
Web SDR receiverThe goal of this thesis is to create a client-server application allowing users to listen …masaryk-university
Building docker images without accessing /build API endpointDocker is nowadays a most popular containerization platform. Its quick development causes frequent API changes …masaryk-university
User interface design for certificate operations with Network Security ServicesThe theoretical part of the Master thesis describes basic information about the key management and …masaryk-university
Clustering of CDI components in SilverWareThe aim of this thesis is to implement service discovery and remote calls between CDI …masaryk-university
Service activity monitoring for SilverWareThe thesis addresses a topic of microservice monitoring in the SilverWare platform. The Microservice architectural …masaryk-university
Fault Tolerance in MicroservicesThis thesis explains the concepts of microservice architectures as well as fault tolerance mechanisms. An …masaryk-university
Static Analyser for BeakerLib TestsThe aim of this thesis, realized in cooperation with Red Hat, is to design and …masaryk-university
Java2D library benchmarkMaster thesis deals with Java2D library performance, in which are analyzed their components within different …masaryk-university
Health and fitness mobile applicationThe objective of this work is to design and create the multiplatform application which logs …masaryk-university
JGroups Configurator and VisualiserJGroups is a messaging toolkit for reliable multicast communication. The diploma thesis analyzes possibilities of …masaryk-university
Extending the user interface of irqbalanceIn this theses, we focus on description of hardware interrupts and their distribution and balancing …masaryk-university
Heuristic for initial settings of garbage collector ShenandoahThis thesis deals with the new garbage collector Shenondoah for Java Virtual Machine. The first …masaryk-university
Scene editor for Box2D physics simulator engineThe bachelor’s thesis “Scene editor for Box2D physics simulator engine” is about the physics simulator …masaryk-university
Case Management Task Assignment Using OptaPlannerThe aim of the thesis is to analyse, design and implement a module for automated …masaryk-university
Operating system boot from fully encrypted deviceThe goal of this work is description of existing solutions for booting Linux and Windows …masaryk-university
Document Oriented RESTIn this work we focus on application interfaces with REST characteristics. We asses current practical …masaryk-university
Event Guide application for Firefox OSDiploma thesis contains the creation and implementation of the application for Firefox OS. Created application …masaryk-university
Batch processes management for WildFly 10This Master Thesis concerns with the issue of batch processing on Java platform and implements …masaryk-university
JGroups Configurator and VisualiserJGroups is a messaging toolkit for reliable multicast communication. The diploma thesis analyzes possibilities of …masaryk-university
Alert Prediction in Metric Data Based on Time Series AnalysisThe goal of the master’s thesis is to develop a module for an open source …masaryk-university
Enhanced remote execution layer for Deployment testing frameworkThis thesis solves slow remote execution in an internal framework of Red Hat. This framework …masaryk-university
Business Process WizardThe thesis analyzes existing business process modeling tools and tries to create an alternative way …masaryk-university
Storage visualisationThe thesis describes the development process of a tool for visualization of data from Blivet …masaryk-university
User interface for storage encryption applicationThe goal of this thesis is a design of user interface for storage encryption application. …masaryk-university
ModeShape sequencers for selected multimedia formatsThe repository management system ModeShape allows the extraction of structured metadata from multimedia formats by …masaryk-university
Flashcards application for Firefox OSThe aim of this work is to design and implement an application to help with …masaryk-university
Linux Container Diff ToolThis bachelor thesis describes Linux containers and their implementation in Linux system. It also describes …masaryk-university
Serialization of data storage configurationBlivet-XML-Tools is a tool allowing serialization and deserialization of information related to block devices. The …masaryk-university
Random number generators in multi-platform environmentThere are multiple alternatives for digital random number generation. Firstly, I explore and explain the …masaryk-university
Qubes OSThe aim of this thesis was to evaluate the possibilities of virtualization technologies in the …masaryk-university
JVM profile requirements analysisIncreasing numbers and decreasing size of small computing devices call for adjustment of existing software …masaryk-university
Messaging providers in the SilverWare microservices platformThis thesis concentrates on the integration of two messaging providers into SilverWare microservices — Vert.x …masaryk-university
Mobile application for Symphonia.ioThe aim of this thesis is to develop a mobile application using a hybrid development …masaryk-university
An automated testing of smartcards in OpenSC projectThe thesis investigates the common use of smart cards in the Fedora distribution of the …masaryk-university