Fedora for Internet of Things with Raspberry Pis

Project Mentor:  Jeff Brown

Project Location:  UMass Lowell

We have been teaching a special topics course at UMass Lowell for the past three years on of Internet of Things.  This course is structured 50% lecture and 50% lab, with a final IoT project required at the end of the class. Our proposed project will directly support this class and will also benefit others working with Fedora on IoT projects.  We are going to work on making Fedora easier to use and more functional for students working with Raspberry Pis. To date, Fedora has been used for software based services only on Pis for the class.  

Students will start by evaluating the current limitations of Fedora on Raspberry Pis, as compared with a distribution such as Raspbian (a Raspberry Pi defacto standard OS). We will then prioritize tasks that will most benefit the IoT class and get Fedora closer to parity with Raspbian.  Students will work in the upstream community and create patches to be included in Fedora. We will look for volunteers to assist in the efforts and help guide the students to success.

Heidi Dempsey

Location: Boston and Westford
Boston Metro RIG