Frankenkernel Nanny

Requirements: Python and a bit of git

At Red Hat, we keep a zombie Linux kernel alive. And not just alive, we transplant vital organs and sew additional hands on it. We do this by taking git commits from much newer Linux kernels, distorting them in creative ways and applying them to our own git.

We need a daemon that watches both git trees, parses commit messages (which are kind of free form), stores the obtained metadata in a database and based on the metadata figures out what original commits belong to our distorted commits. The daemon will also be able to use the metadata to detect that we forgot some important bugfixes or that we screwed up in other interesting ways.

Oh yes, and we need a frontend to this, a command line tool that we would love and ask it for advice on what we should backport.

Jiri Benc
Jiri is a Linux kernel developer with networking background. His main focus nowadays is on network virtualization and networking solutions for cloud computing.
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