Managing Servers with Content Views

Mentor:  Ian Ballou

Project Location:  UMass Lowell

In the Content View Version Browser project, students will create an open-source web application to serve both as a pluggable tool for real-world Foreman users and as a UI mockup for the Katello community (see bullets for more info on Foreman and Katello). The web application will connect to a Foreman server and interact with its API to generate an interactive display for managing software content. This project also includes a performance aspect, because the application will need to manage large amounts of content with minimal latency. Students will gain experience with React and Patternfly — two popular UI technologies used by many professional companies, and have the opportunity to work on use cases based on real-world business use cases.  This project is especially suited to collaboration between UI/UX design students and student developers.  More detailed descriptions will be provided to interested students.  Novice experience with JavaScript, Web APIs, Web servers, and Web UI development is needed for this project.  Ruby experience is also nice to have.

● What is Foreman?
○ Foreman is an open source rails web application for managing servers. Managed servers include bare metal, local VMs (VMware, libvirt, etc), and cloud instances
(EC2, Google, etc).
○ At its core, Foreman can perform server (host) provisioning and configuration management through Puppet, Ansible, Salt, and Chef, as well as providing monitoring.

● What is Katello?
○ Katello is a plugin to Foreman that provides a unified content and subscription management UI using the Pulp and Candlepin services.
○ Content, such as RPMs or container images, can be synced from their locations on the internet (upstream) and served locally via Pulp.

■ Using Foreman and Katello together helps reduce a server’s required Internet bandwidth, and also allows Foreman servers to be disconnected from the internet.

Heidi Dempsey

Location: Boston and Westford
Boston Metro RIG