Test Automation Framework for Internet of Things

This research project aims at designing and implementing a new test automation framework for IoT applications. PatrIoT Framework is based on jUnit 5, and extend its capabilities to support creation of complex IoT test scenarios.

This newly developed framework enables testing of distributed IoT applications by providing test developers with features such as network virtualisation, data simulation and/or interaction with hardware devices all integrated into a single tool. It needs to take into consideration the context of IoT applications. They are usually running on very restricted hardwares, like Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone Black, communicate on low bandwidth network, and interact with the outside world through a great variety of sensors, actuators and peripheral devices:

Required Skills

  • Java, jUnit, Maven
  • Experience with Single Board Computers, e.g. Raspberry Pi
  • Git, Bash and/or Docker is a plus


Contact Persons

  • sbunciak (at) redhat.com
  • mjaros (at) redhat.com

Stefan Bunciak

Location: Brno
Brno RIG