Analyze & improve the filters in GNOME Photos

GNOME Photos is an application to access, organize and share your photos on GNOME 3. It has some common image processing features built into it so that users can quickly tweak and enhance their photographs after importing them from the camera. One such feature is the ability to apply some preset effects to an image.

Unfortunately, most of the algorithms behind these filters were not scientifically developed or tested. They are merely implementations of approaches described by various people on the Internet. One exception is the Caap filter which is based on an algorithm developed by Corey Hoard.

Scientifically analyzing some well-known filters and improving the existing implementations or adding new ones will greatly improve the image editing capabilities of the software.


  • You need to select the filter that you want to work on (concentrating on only one filter is fine) and come up with an analysis of it. It should include at least one possible way to implement the filter, and document how closely it approximates the original implementation.
  • If the filter already has an implementation in GNOME Photos, you are expected to improve it based on your analysis. Otherwise, you will be implementing one from scratch. You can use your own Git branch to develop the code. For this, you will need to understand how GEGL operations work. Once the code is ready, you should attach the patches to for review. See GNOME’s Newcomers Guide for further information.

Leader: Samuel

Location: Brno
Topic: Analyze & improve the filters in GNOME Photos


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