Eclipse plugin for triggering Project Newcastle workflows


Create a new Eclipse plugin for triggering automated productization workflows in a remote PNC server.



Project Newcastle requires an IDE support to provide JBoss developers with a straightforward way of triggering the productized builds of community projects. An Eclipse plugin will be very helpful for community developers to analyze their dependency and align them with a productized version.


The main goal of this thesis is to Implement a new Eclipse plugin that would be capable of triggering a build process inside a remote PNC server. The input parameters will be tailored to the purposes of Project Newcastle workflows.
Student will get familiar with concepts and architecture of open source projects under the Project Newcastle umbrella, and Eclipse plug-in development.
Final implementation must deployed to public GitHub repository.

Plugin requirements

Newly developed plugin has to be able to make a REST API call to a remote PNC server to start the Project Newcastle automated workflow, supplying the workflow with all the required input parameters for the IDE:


According to the proposed UI design, user dialog will be able to invoke a dependency analysis and trigger PNC build from within the Eclipse Project Explorer.

Recommended reading

  • VOGEL, Lars. Eclipse 4 RCP: the complete guide to Eclipse application development. 2nd ed. Hamburg: Vogella, c2013, xxxi, 698 s. Vogella series. ISBN 978-3-94374-707-2.
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Leader: Denis Richtárik



University: Mendel University in Brno
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: D