General Troubleshooting Tool for FreeIPA


The aim of this thesis is to implement a pluggable troubleshooting tool that collects and analyzes information about FreeIPA deployment. The thesis provides a detailed view on the architecture of FreeIPA servers and clients, their interaction and the technologies they are based on. Afterwards, high-level design and implementation details are featured, which serves as a guide for further extension by FreeIPA developers.


Work up FreeIPA identity management project architecture with focus on requirements, assumptions or potential issues of it’s main services (LDAP server, KDC, PKI server) and their interaction. Research the most common user issues and think what could be done to detect such situations and mitigate them. Design an extensible and pluggable troubleshooting tool that administrators can run to verify correct functionality of the FreeIPA infrastructure and which would offer remediation help if a problem is detected. Add a basic set of troubleshooting checks and test the troubleshooting tool with FreeIPA developers and users.

Upstream ticket:

Leader: Tomáš Babej



University: Masaryk University
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: E