Impact of virtualization on benchmark accuracy

The side-effects of virtualization to benchmarks are long time known. However virtualization technologies are advancing, and their footprint is smaller and smaller.

In this thesis, student should investigate how individual virtualization technologies: full (kvm, vbox, oVirt) or shared kernel (Docker, chroot, mock) or nested and mixed, are affecting performance and stability of various Java benchmark types –  CPU, time, network, bytecode, IO. Support for virtualization is seen also in JDK itself, so more then one Java can come to play. We will provide Student with banchmarks,  pros and cons of thirs setup, VMs and images and other virtualization know-how, hardware,  and with several JDKs and theirs inernals and setups. Student will be able to focus on the runing itself, and deep analysis of results and improvement of topic itself.