Integration of Jenkins CI with Undertow

Jenkins CI is the most popular continuous integration server which contains embedded servlet container Winstone, which is archaic and not maintained. The aim of this thesis is to replace Winstone by Undertow.
The student will:
* get familiar with Jenkins CI, especially with extras-executable-war package,
* get familiar with Undertow,
* compare Winsotne with Undertow and identify all possible backward compatibility issues (e.g. configuration options available in Winstone, but missing in Undertow),
* resolve possible backward compatibility issues by implementing new features into Undertow or by modification of appropriate part of Jenkins,
* replace embedded Winstone servlet container by Undertow,
* donate project to Jenkins community.

Leader: Jakub Barteček



University: Brno University of Technology
Type: Diploma Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: C