IRC logbot

Develop dockerized IRC logging bot that is silent all the time. All it does is listening on all the communication happening on the IRC channel storing it and presenting it as a single page application.


  • The bot should be deployable into OpenShift, so part of the project should be also all the configuration files that are needed for it including the working PoC.
  • Log rotation: preferably the time period of log rotation should be customizable
  • Support for multiple channels: the bot should be able to track the communication in more channels simultaneously.
  • Following the communication in real time using websockets. If there is a new message in the channel, the web ui should display it immediately using some server push technology.
  • Admin UI – add remove channels, log rotation, etc.
  • Code will be hosted on GitHub and the docker images will be automatically built and published by DockerHub

Leader: Vojtěch Průša



University: Brno University of Technology
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: C