LSP clients generator

The goal of this thesis is to design and implement a tool for creating LSP clients for different IDEs (Eclipse, Eclipse Che, VS Code, …). On the input will be an LSP server. The output will be LSP clients for this server with instructions on how to install them into particular IDEs.

The tool should be able to generate clients for the Apache Camel LSP server first. Although, it should be able to produce clients for an arbitrary LSP server.

The implemented tool should be easy to use and build on top of modern technologies and approaches.


  1. Study Language Server Protocol
  2. Study architecture of LSP clients in different IDEs
  3. Describe how to create an LSP client for a particular IDE
    1. Describe LSP implementation
    2. Describe steps which are required to produce a new LSP client
    3. Describe the process how can be the completed LSP client packaged and installed or added to the marketplace
  4. Design and implement a tool which will automate the process “How to create an LSP client for a particular IDE” mentioned above

Result of semestral project will be parts 1-3.


Leader: Tomáš Sedmík

Team: Fuse QE
Location: Brno


Date of Defence: