Modern TreeView component for the web

One of the best solutions for navigating in a hierarchical structure is to use a tree view. It has been implemented in file managers, XML viewers and version control systems. The goal of this thesis is to create a tree view web component with modern technologies and optimized performance.


  • Research the already existing web-based tree view implementations
  • Compare these implementations and analyze their performance
  • Study the fundamentals of modern JavaScript and Web Components
  • Specify the requirements of a modern tree view web component
  • Create implementations of the specification using modern JS frameworks
  • Write benchmarks to compare the performance of the implementations
  • Evaluate the results and release the best implementation as an NPM package


The final implementation will be replacing the current jQuery based tree view implementation in the ManageIQ project.

Leader: Levente Berky



University: Brno University of Technology
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence: 12.6.2018
Grade: A