Performance comparison of JBoss integration platform implemtations (Fuse, SwitchYard)

  • Investigate and study the areas of performance testing and system integration.
  • Make yourself familiar with the performance testing framework PerfCake.
  • Design a set of performance scenarios that will cover most parts of an integration platform. Implement those scenarios for JBoss Fuse and JBoss SwitchYard.
  • Design a stable environment for performance testing that would produce reliable and stable results.
  • Execute those scenarios in the environment using the PerfCake tool, collect the results and use it to compare the performance of the two JBoss integration implementations.
  • As soon as you have the reliable results, publish an article describing the process of performance testing, the environment, the scenarios and the results of the performance comparison.

Leader: Elena Medvedeva



University: Masaryk University
Type: Diploma Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: B