rcm-pdc opensource and test coverage

Open sourcing and test coverage for RCM Internal library “rcm-pdc” which used to generate “transport layer” for internal release train.

“Transport layer” is really a transformation of data in product build to match the format of the internal tool used to push product to Satellite 5 or Satellite 6 (an internal equivalent of opensource project spacewalk).

rcm-pdc also contains several tools which connect our “tooling” with data stored in PDC. An example would be script remove Satellite 6 repository content for the entire RHEL-7.5 beta, which reads data from PDC.

The goal here is to transform internal rcm-pdc package and it into an open-source project, set up Simple CI which runs unit tests on each pull request.

CI/unit test coverage will ensure that we don’t allow change which would negatively affect agreed behavior. This is a must for tools or a library used by many different products.

We’d also like to add support for internal-only plugins which for some reason couldn’t be open-sourced.

Leader: Pavel Niahodkin



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